Accessibility statement

Study Spaces

Study Spaces

Ron Cooke Hub

The Ron Cooke Hub (RCH) has PCs available in RCH/018 and is open 24/7. There are scanners and printers available throughout the building.

There are quiet study areas on the first and second floor, along with bookable study and meeting rooms throughout the building and three bookable pods facing the lake. The Island of Interaction, on the second floor above Reception, is designed for study groups who need to work together.

Room bookings can be made through Planon here.  


The Piazza building is next door to Langwith College and in addition to numerous comfy study chairs on each flour with power sockets built in, there is a large library space on the top floor with views over the lake.


Law and Management

All residents (using their resident card) have access to the external doors of the Law and Management building, along with access to any teaching and seminar rooms on the ground floor. Scanners and printers are also available throughout the building. Access is granted Monday-Friday until 11pm, including a PC room 24/7. Access can be granted from the RCH Reception on weekends.

Common Rooms

Common Rooms*

*Currently unavailable until restrictions are eased.

In October 2015 Langwith gained two brand new Common Rooms for Langwith members. One is located on the ground floor of Horsfield A Block, the other on the ground floor of John West Taylor B Block. The rooms are open from 8.00am-9.00pm to all Langwith students through the use of their accommodation keycards or University ID cards. Non resident Langwith students can have access added to their student cards at the Ron Cooke Hub Reception. For out of hours use (9.00pm to 11.00pm) you must complete a booking form.  Please allow 3 working days for bookings to be approved. As the rooms are located within accommodation areas, noise must be kept to a minimum and especially between the College’s quiet hours (11.00pm-8.00am).  The common room are not available to societies and sports teams - there is a centrally timetabled space in the Piazza Building that can be booked.

The Corner Room

  • Kitchenette (used by College Staff and LCSA for events)

  • Tables and chairs

  • Sofas and beanbags
  • Digital piano
  • Large flat screen TV and separate projector with AV connection stand

  • DVD and Blu-Ray player

  • Games consoles (PS4) and selection of games - Available from Reception 

  • Freeview/Sky channels

'Cosy Corner' - in the Corner Room

A relaxing space in Langwith where students can go and take time away from their busy university lives.  

Come and chill out on the comfy bean-bags, listen to music, knit, do some mindful colouring, or pick a book from our book swap shelf.  

The Basement - activity space and common room

  • Work tables and chairs

  • Space for ‘messy activities’ and workshops and a soldering/extraction point
  • Sofas and tables
  • Large flat screen TV 
  • Table tennis (we also have one outside the Glasshouse)
  • Pool table 
  • Games
  • Outdoor chess
  • Sound proofed acoustic music practice spaces, with instruments (key available from Reception 8am to 9pm).  For music practice only.




The Glasshouse

The Glasshouse

The Glasshouse is a YUSU (York University Students Union) bar located on Campus East, based in the Langwith Centre Building. They have an extensive menu serving food and drink during term time. The LCSA hold termly events in the Glasshouse such as bingo, open mic nights, pub quizzes, Take Me Out and much more! The Glasshouse is also home to the famous Marmite, which is run twice a term.



The Laundry Room contains washing machines and dryers operated by a card system. It is located in the Langwith Centre Building.

Residents will need to purchase a card from the dispenser located within the Laundry Room. The cost of this card is £5 and comes with £3.50 credit (which is enough for one wash and dry). Credit can be added to cards by visiting Residents will receive a top-up code which they can then activate by taking their card to the top-up machine in the Laundry Room.   

Mail Services

Mail Services

The Mail Room for Campus East is based in the Piazza Building. All parcels, mail and large items sent to a Langwith addresses are delivered there. You will receive an email from the Mail Room if you have a parcel waiting for collection. You will need your University ID in order to collect it.

While the University offers these services, it is always your responsibility to keep note of mail you are due to receive and to check the appropriate places for mail deliveries. When leaving University accommodation, please make sure you clear the your house letterbox and check with the Mail Room. Ensure that you get your mail redirected to your new address via Royal Mail. 


What's My Address

A typical Langwith address is:

Sam Smith
A8 Sydney Smith Court
Deramore Lane
YO10 5GJ

Do not include your room number in the address, just your house number (for example A8, followed by Sydney Smith Court). Each court in Langwith has a different postcode. You can see the full list of postcodes for each court (and how to work out your house number) below.


Philip Brockbank Court – YO10 5GQ

A1 (rooms 004-012), A2 (rooms 020-029), A3 (rooms 103-116), A4 (rooms 119-131), A5 (rooms 203-216), A6 (rooms 219-231), A7 (rooms 303-316), A8 (rooms 319-325)

B1 (rooms 004-013), B2 (rooms 023-032), B3 (rooms 102-115), B4 (rooms 121-134), B5 (rooms 202-215), B6 (rooms 221-234)


Sydney Smith Court – YO10 5GJ

A1 (rooms 006-015), A2 (rooms 024-036), A3 (rooms 102-112), A4 (rooms 113-137), A5 (rooms 139-152), A6 (rooms 202-212), A7 (rooms 213-237), A8 (rooms 239-252), A9 (rooms 313-337), A10 (rooms 339-352), A11 (rooms 439-452)

B1 (rooms 101-204), B2 (rooms 101-204), B3 (rooms 101-204), B4 (rooms 101-204)

C1 (rooms 101-104), C2 (rooms 101-204), C3 (rooms 101-204), C4 (rooms 101-204)


Gordon & Francesca Horsfield Court – YO10 5GL

A1 (rooms 010-018), A2 (rooms 103-107), A3 (rooms 109-122), A4 (rooms 203-207), A5 (rooms 209-222), A6 (rooms 303-307), A7 (rooms 309-322), A8 (rooms 403-406), A9 (rooms 409-422)

B1 (rooms 004-012), B2 (rooms 017-025), B3 (rooms 104-116), B4 (rooms 120-132), B5 (rooms 204-216), B6 (rooms 220-232), B7 (rooms 304-316), B8 (rooms 320-332), B9 (rooms 404-416)


John West Taylor Court – YO10 5GN

A1 (rooms 103-204), A2 (rooms 101-204), A3 (rooms 101-204), A4 (rooms 101-204), A5 (rooms 101-204)

B1 (rooms 020-032), B2 (rooms 103-116), B3 (rooms 120-133), B4 (rooms 203-216), B5 (rooms 220-233), B6 (rooms 303-316), B7 (rooms 320-333)

C1 (rooms 101-104), C2 (rooms 101-204), C3 (rooms 101-204), C4 (rooms 101-204)

College Services

College Services 


The Receptionists are responsible for access to buildings and are the first point of contact in emergencies. You can find them at the College Reception in the Centre Building from 11pm to 7am and in the Ron Cooke Hub 24/7. 

Email (Ron Cooke Hub Reception)

Email (Langwith Reception):

Facilities Management:

The Derwent FM team are responsible for maintaining the accommodation blocks. Report any problems in your accommodation using the form in the Centre Building (located on the wall next to the door into Reception), or online via

Tel: 01904 32 (5101)


You are responsible for cleaning your bedroom, bathroom pod and kitchen. Housekeeping’s main role is to inspect your kitchen weekly and make sure it is hygienic by wiping the surfaces! Shower pods in en-suite bathrooms are inspected monthly. For further information click here



College Meal

Weekly College Meal

First year undergraduates get one meal per week free in The Piazza on Thursdays during term.  This is a great time to relax while someone else does the cooking (and washing up!).

There are two sittings:

Smith and Taylor 5pm to 6.45pm

Brockbank and Horsfield 6.45pm to 8.30pm

The tables are arranged for household groups to sit together. 

If you, or your household, has to self isolate you should not go to the college meal. You can purchase an upgrade to your current plan which will cost £90. Currently you receive 1 meal a week, but if you upgrade your package you will receive both breakfast and dinner for 2 weeks. If you do not want to upgrade your package, there is the option to receive 2 x £5 vouchers for your missed meals.

If you have any dietary requirements, please contact catering directly to discuss your requirements by emailing 

The College Meal includes soup and a main course OR main course and dessert.  You will need your student ID card with you to claim your meal.

If you're interested in a fully catered option (Monday to Friday during term time), you could apply for a Meals in Advance (MAD) card for the other 4 days of the week.  For information about the MAD card, see here.