About Langwith College

Located on Campus East, Langwith is home to just over 650 resident students and over a thousand students living off campus. As one of the founding colleges of York, our long history of traditions is a perfect blend with some of the best bedrooms and kitchens on campus since we moved to brand new accommodation in 2012.

All study-bedrooms in Langwith are classified as ‘Premium’ and have larger beds (3/4 size and doubles in the studios) with televisions and comfy sofas in the shared kitchens. Our houses (flats) are organised in blocks, which provides both privacy and the opportunity to meet other people in the block.

Students are encouraged to try new things and get involved in the Langwith community. We have a strong affinity with the arts and run free weekly art workshops, where students can try their hand at activities like pottery, life drawing, photography and many other crafts with local artists. Students can also apply to live in Living Learning Community houses, and live with other students who share their passion for music or art. We also run lots of regular events that are completely unrelated to art, to help students meet friends and socialise, these events include; baking, games night, bar bingo night and outdoor cinema. In addition we also host lots of fun trips out to the seaside and local attractions. The Langwith College Student Association (LCSA) also organises a wide range of social events and represent students in the college. You will never be bored!

Langwith is proud to provide students with lots of opportunities to lead projects and develop leadership skills. We also have a strong sporting community and engage in College sport allowing students to try new sporting activities. Our link with local charity York Neighbours allows students to make a positive contribution to the local community. This focus on volunteering and enterprise provides opportunities for students to develop skills and experience, and explore who they want to be.

“Langwith has given me so much: my friends, a sense of belonging, and the opportunity to thrive both independently and as part of a community. Langwith didn’t give me a room; Langwith gave me a home.”
Oliva, Langwith student