Whether you live in college or have moved out to private accommodation you can enjoy all the events that Goodricke has to offer.  A lot of events are organised by the JCRC, but they may be organised by a sports club or society. You can also arrange an event, just contact the JCRC or the College if you want help or advice. 

The College Team organise a variety of weekly events held on 'College Night' throughout the academic term. You can add the Goodricke Events calendar to your own online timetable to keep upto date with what's on, check back here for updates, and watch out for the weekly newsletter "GoodNews" which is sent direct to your inbox.

For comments or suggestions about our College events please email the Goodricke Adminstrator, email:

Coming up in Goodricke

Coming up during Autumn Term

  • Yoga Wednesdays, only £3 per session

Termly events

Regular events  

Tuesday  & Thursday nights are College nights.  Events are organised to get students together, sometimes there's food and drink, sometimes it can be more practical such as making pizzas or cakes!

The best way to see whats on is to check out the Goodricke Events Calendar, which you can add to your own timetable. 

Autumn Term:

  • Week 0 - Postgrad Welcome Week
  • Week 1 - Freshers' Week - activities for all Goodricke members
  • Week 2 - Elections for Goodricke GCRC - Postrgraduate Reps
  • Week 5 - Nominations for JCRC Committee Open
  • Week 6 - RAG Week
  • Week 7 - Sustainability and Green Week
  • Week 10 - Festive Celebrations
  • Great Goodricke Technical Challenge Bake Off

Spring Term:

  • Wellbeing Week and Time To Talk Day
  • One-Planet: Sustainability and Green Week
  • Goodricke's Cook Off (what can you make with just 5 ingredients?!)

Summer Term:

  • BBQ Tuesday
  • Goodfest
  • 50th Anniversary Celebrations
  • Midsummer Jazz
  • GoodTrip


We're offering the following workshops to all Goodricke Students:

  1. Pushing through Perfectionism 
  2. Practical Productivity 
  3. Pushing through Procrastination 
  4. Using Anxiety as a Positive 

Check the Goodricke Events Calendar for dates & times.

Mandatory Events

At certains times of the year, e.g. new arrivals week, there are certain events that are mandatory. These are listed below:

Event titleDetailsDate & TimeLocation

Fire safety talk

(Non-Residents of Goodricke)

The fire safety talk is compulsory for all students. TBC Central Hall
Goodricke College Welcome Talk  Welcome briefing from Matt Matravers, Head of Goodricke College TBC Ron Cooke Hub, RCH/037
Goodricke Orientation Sessions  Session 1: Life at Goodricke College TBC RCH or LMB (tbc)
Goodricke Orientation Sessions  Session 2: Opportunities TBC RCH or LMB (tbc)
Goodricke Orientation Sessions  Session 3: Respect TBC RCH or LMB (tbc)
Vice-Chancellor's Welcome  Welcome from the Vice-Chancellor  TBC Central Hall

Personal Safety, Fire Safety & Consent talk 

(Residents of Goodricke)

The fire safety talk is compulsory for all students living on campus.  TBC Central Hall

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