Accessibility statement

FAQs for Residents

Here are some frequently-asked questions that you may have when moving into Alcuin College accommodation.

What should I bring with me to Alcuin?

If you are moving into college accommodation, there are a number of things you might want to bring. Check out what to bring and what to leave at home.

How do I log onto wifi and check my emails?

There is wifi in all study bedrooms, shared kitchens and in both common rooms, so you can easily check your emails using the wifi connection.

The College will communicate important messages via email to your University email account so it is important that you check your emails daily.

If you need an Ethernet cable (for desktop computers) you can get one from the reception.

To log on use your username (full university email and your password (university email password).

What about my keys?

On arrival you will be handed a key card which provides access to your block, flat, room and cycle store.

You must keep this with you at all times and never give this to anyone else.

If you lose your key card you should go to reception and ask the Receptionist for a replacement key.

What about my cleaning?

You are responsible for cleaning after yourself, you will need to buy your own cleaning products to keep your own room, en-suite and kitchen clean.


Cleaners will come once per week (Mon–Fri) to clean corridors.

See Cleaning, Recycling and Waste to understand your responsibilities.


Once a week housekeeping will perform a clean of your kitchen as long as it is prepared for cleaning.  The date your kitchen is cleaned is noted in your kitchen. Make sure your kitchen is prepared by 9am that day ready for inspection.

All work surfaces and floors (including window sills, the sink and the top of the oven) should either be put away in your cupboard or placed on your kitchen table.  Make sure all recycling and general waste bins are emptied. You are expected to do your own washing up and keep the kitchen equipment, surfaces and tables clean at all other times.

On your kitchen noticeboard there is a picture of what your kitchen should look like once it has been prepared for the weekly clean.

Remember your kitchen is cleaned every week throughout the full length of your contract.

If your kitchen is not prepared for cleaning you will receive a red notice, any further red notices in the same term will result in additional cleaning which you will be charged for.


You are responsible for cleaning your bedroom. There is a vacuum cleaner in each kitchen for you to clean your bedroom.  You will need to buy your own cleaning products.


En-suite bathrooms are cleaned monthly by the cleaner. A rota of which rooms will be cleaned each week will be on your kitchen noticeboard. You need to prepare your en-suite by 9am on cleaning day. All items should be removed from the shower pod, surfaces and floors. In-between the monthly clean you must clean your en-suite yourself.

What is my address?

Addressing your mail

The name on your student card
Block ..., Flat/House ...
Alcuin College
Alcuin Way
YO10 5NB

It is extremely important that you include both your block and flat number on your address or your post will not be delivered.

Incorrectly addressed mail

Any mail incorrectly addressed which cannot be identified will be returned to Royal Mail who will return this to sender if there is an address to return the mail to.

How do I get my post?

How to collect my mail

Correctly addressed post will be delivered to your designated mailbox situated outside your block/house entrance.

Each flat has their own mailbox. We suggest that you check your mailbox regularly so they do not become too full.

Accessing your mail

Your mailbox key is hung up in your kitchen and is to be shared by all flat members.

Large parcels/mail that requires a signature

Any parcels that are not delivered to your mail box will be sent to Alcuin Reception. These parcels will be scanned and you will receive an email to let you know that it is ready for collection. To collect your package you will need your university ID card as proof of identity.

Alcuin Porters is open 24/7. If you have any questions contact them directly on 01904 323300.

Incorrectly addressed mail

Any mail incorrectly addressed which cannot be identified will be returned to Royal Mail who will return this to sender if there is an address to return the mail to.

How do I report a maintenance problem?


You can report any problems online at fix my room. If there is an emergency, or a problem out of hours/at weekends you should either call Security on 01904 324444 or see your College Receptionist.

Alcuin College grounds

  • You can report any issues to Judith Pink, College Administrator by emailing

Ensuite single study bedroom, Alcuin blocks F,G,H,J

An example of a study bedroom in M block. The rooms in blocks K to M are all similar to this.