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Arrival Dates for September 2020

International and EU 1st year undergraduates - 24 September

We’re looking forward to welcoming you to Alcuin College!

This year, due to Covid-19, we have to change the way we run arrivals to make sure we keep students and staff safe and comfortable while they’re moving to University. 

Arrivals will be spread out over four days, to allow for necessary social distancing. Each block will have a designated day to move in, and the days for Alcuin College blocks are:

  • Saturday 26 September - E, J1 and M
  • Sunday 27 September - J2, K and Q
  • Monday 28 September - H, N and P
  • Tuesday 29 September - G and L

When you arrive there will be student helpers (STYCs) to direct you to the check in desk, where College staff will give you your keys and welcome you, and then direct you to your accommodation. There will be staggered arrival times to allow us to keep numbers on campus at an appropriate level. 

There will be sanitising stations in the College should you require them. We ask that you wear a face covering when you come to collect your keys. We also ask that you only bring one family member (or supporter) into the block to help you move belongings, again so that we can keep numbers at the appropriate levels and protect all students, staff and visitors on the day. 

Over the first week, the College and Students’ Unions will have a programme of welcome activities, led by the student committees, to welcome new students and introduce students to their new flatmates. 

We will send out links to book your specific arrivals slot once your room number has been confirmed, in our pre-arrivals email. These go to your University of York email address, so please check there. 

Due to UK restrictions and Government guidance, we will not be able to swap your move-in dates, as this would lead to overcrowding and put students and staff at risk. In certain exceptional circumstances, we may be able to allocate you a later arrival day. However, some academic commitments are likely to begin from Wednesday 30 September and so by selecting a later date you may miss important academic induction activity. By choosing a later date, we will also be unable to offer all of the welcome activities to you that are provided to students, as these are timed around our agreed arrivals dates. 

To request a later date, please complete this form before Monday 14 September.

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"I am proud to call Alcuin my home!"

- Elizabeth Shaw, 2nd Year Medical Student