Fabiola Martin
Senior clinical lecturer in HIV medicine



Fabiola Martin is a Senior Lecturer in HIV Medicine at the Centre for Immunology and Infection (CII) and Honorary Clinical Academic Consultant in Sexual Health at York Teaching Hospital since August 2010. Fabiola was born in Isfahan, Iran and moved to Vienna, Austria in 1979. She obtained her undergraduate degree in Medicine at the University of Vienna in 1995 and entered her training in Genitourinary and HIV Medicine in 2001 after passing the membership exams of the Royal College of Physicians, London, in 1999. She has trained as a Specialist Registrar at Imperial College NHS Trust, St Mary’s Hospital in London and obtained her Certificate of Specialist Training in May 2010. Fabiola was a clinical fellow at the National Centre for Human Retrovirology at St Mary’s Hospital and obtained her MD(Res) in HTLV Medicine at Imperial College London in 2009.

INSPIRE Lead: Fabiola feels strongly about providing support and opportunities for biology and medical students to engage with primary research during their studies and has been awarded twice the INSPIRE Grant funded by Academy of Medical Science and Wellcome Trust (2013-15, 2015-17) to facilitate this aim. If you are a HYMS student and are interested to engage with research at HYMS please email Fabiola directly.

Teaching: Fabiola obtained the PGCME in 2014 and lectures medical, biomedical and biology students at HYMS and University of York. She has also been a guest lecturer at London School of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene and Fiocruz, Bahaia/Salvador. In response to evidence on detrimental effects of climate change on human health and biodiversity, together with fellow lecturers, she has developed teaching modules on human health and emerging/remerging infectious diseases in response to a changing environment (SSC/SSIP at HYMS and Stage 3 BMS module). These modules will enable students to be equipped for an uncertain future by understanding available research on adaptation and mitigation strategies. In collaboration with York Teaching Hospital she has set up and chairs the four weekly Medical Hospital Grand Round at York Teaching Hospital in 2010. This is a fantastic opportunity for physicians educating their peers through case presentations as well as networking within the hospital. Twenty-nine Grand Rounds have been organised so far.

HTLV-Aware (website & twitter):  Together with her former Biology student Mr Shiva Shaan Bassi, Fabiola has set up a patient information website to provide HTLV positive carriers with accurate and easy to understand information on HTLV and its associated diseases. Their website as about 5000 hits/month and to date has linked several, mostly US based, HAM/TSP or HTLV carriers with HTLV clinicians in their respective countries for specific care provision.  www.htlvaware.com, @htlvaware, @fabiolamartin00

International Retrovirology Association (IRVA): Fabiola is the European representative of IRVA and has initiated the first international HAM/TSP consortium in 2011 with the aim to bring together experts in this field for collaborative work towards finding a treatment and cure for this orphan disease. www.htlv.net

Rare Disease UK: Fabiola is hugely interested in engaging with members of the public and representatives of patient societies with the aim to design and conduct patient centered and patient led research projects. She is a member of the Rare Disease UK Management Committee as a clinical academic representing rare non-genetic/infectious diseases. The Management Committee is an expert advisory group, which helps to steer and oversee the work of RDUK on behalf of RDUK’s members with the main focus to facilitate the implementation of UK Strategy for Rare Diseases (https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/rare-diseases-strategy). She has organised several International Rare Disease Days at York Teaching Hospital in collaboration with the Department of Biology. Fabiola is also the key contact person for the York Teaching Hospital Genomic Medicine Centre.

BASSH: Fabiola was appointed as the Yorkshire Chair for British Association for Sexual Health and HIV in January 2015. She is very keen on providing support and educational events for all members of Yorkshire BASHH has organised several educational and business meetings in York.


  • Medicine: University of Vienna, 
doctor universalis medicinae (1995)
  • Specialist training in Sexual Health, HIV and Reproductive Health: (2001)
  • Clinical Fellow: National Centre for Human Retrovirology (2004-2010)
  • Postgrad Studies: Imperial College London 
MD (Research) in HTLV medicine (2010)
  • Senior Clinical Lecturer in HIV Medicine: Centre of Immunology and Infection, HYMS, Department of Biology, University of York 
(2010 - present)
  • York Teaching Hospital 
Honorary clinical academic consultant in sexual health (2010 - present)


  • Fellow of Royal College of Physicians
  • British Association of Sexual Health and HIV
  • British HIV Association
  • Faculty of Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare
  • European Representative of International Retrovirology Association
  • Member of Rare Disease UK Management Committee
  • Chair of HAM/TSP International Consortium


  • Fellow of Royal College of Medicine Royal College of Medicine, London, UK (2015)
  • PGCME, Medical Education, Hull and York Medical School (2014)
  • Fellow of Medical Education Higher Education Academy (2014)
  • MDRes HTLV-1 Associated Myelopathy Imperial College London (2009)
  • Diploma in HIV Medicine Society of Apothecaries of London (2009)
  • Diploma in Family Planning and Reproductive Health, Royal College of Obstetrician & Gynaecologists, UK (2003)
  • Diploma in Tropical Medicine and Hygiene, Royal College of Medicine, London, UK (2002)
  • Diploma in Genitourinary Medicine Society of Apothecaries of London, UK (2001)
  • Member of Royal College of Physicians, London, UK (1999)
  • United States Medical Licensing Examination Step 1 and 2, New York, USA (1996)
  • Doctor medicinae universalis, University of Vienna, Austria (1995)
  • Matura, Naturwissenschaftliches Gymnasium, Vienna, Austria (1989)



  • HTLV
  • HIV
  • Sexual Health
  • Mental Health
  • Rare Diseases
  • Clinical trials
  • Climate Change and Migration

Fabiola is keen on collaborative and interdisciplinary, national and international research projects. As a translational scientists, she is works as a knowledge broker between biomedical, health scientists and clinicians with the ultimate aim to protect and improve human health supported by a healthy environment. Her focus has led to several C2D2 funding awards, which specifically supports multi-disciplinary work.

She is the chair HAM/TSP international consortium and has set up the HAMLET-P trial at four sites: Japan, Brazil, USA (NIH) and UK (Imperial College and University of York). This is the first ever international, randomised double blind controlled HAM/TSP trial. It will start recruiting HAM/TSP patients in 2016.

Her focus on patient centered research has led to her recent collaboration with Rare Disease UK with the aim to map the unmet needs of patients’ and health care provider’s in the field of rare non-genetic diseases. This national multi-disciplinary collaboration on qualitative and quantitative research has been submitted to NIHR HS&DR funding stream.

She is a member of the UK Collaborative Cohort study, which was set up in 1996 and collects and analysis HIV patient relevant information collectively. She is specifically interested in HIV testing, mother to child transmission, HIV in older people and care provision. Her collaboration with Prof Elizabeth Hughes on blood borne viruses and serious mental health illness has led to the discovery of lack of research in this important field. They have succeeded in securing NIHR HTA funding for an interventional study called: The RESPECT Study (Randomised Evaluation of Sexual health Promotion Effectiveness informing Care and Treatment): a feasibility study of an intervention aimed at improving the Sexual Health of People with Severe Mental Illness.

Recently she has become more interested in climate change and its threats to human health, especially its inter-relationship with forced migration and conflict.

Main Applicant:

International clinical drug trial in HTLV-associate myelopathy (HAMLET-P) is funded by Fiocruz in Brazil ($300 000, in 2014) as well as National Institute for Health, Imperial Collage NHS Trust and Japanese Health Ministry internally for the USA, UK and Japan trial arms.

INSPIRE Medical Students to Engage with Research. Academy of Medical Science, Wellcome Trust, £10.000. 2015

INSPIRE Medical Students to Engage with Research. Academy of Medical Science, Wellcome Trust, £10.000. 2013

From York to Malawi and back: The first UK based sero-prevalence study of Human T lymphotropic virus 1/2 in paired mothers and children living in Malawi. C2D2, Wellcome Trust. £10,492.28. 2012


The RESPECT Study (Randomised Evaluation of Sexual health Promotion Effectiveness informing Care and Treatment): a feasibility study of an intervention aimed at improving the Sexual Health of People with Severe Mental Illness.  NIHR Health Technology Assessment Programme £609,408.60. 2015

Antiepileptic drugs and cancer survival: a population-based study. C2D2, Wellcome Trust. £24.002. 2014

Scoping Project for Opt Out Blood Bourne Virus and Sexually Transmitted Infection testing in psychiatric inpatient units. C2D2, Wellcome Trust. £7,843.52. 2012

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Dr Fabiola Martin
Senior Clinical Lecturer in HIV Medicine
Centre for Immunology and Infection
University of York
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Tel: 01904 328907
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I away from the CII until December 31st 2017. Please do not hesitate to contact me via email. I will reply as soon as possible.