Supervisor Pool

An indicative list of interdisciplinary researchers associated with the programme.


Name Department/
Centre Affiliation
Research Area
Antson, Fred Chemistry/YSBL Protein-nucleic acid interactions; X-ray crystallography
Baumann, Christoph Biology Single molecule techniques, molecular motors, microbiology
Bees, Martin Mathematics six main research areas, mostly in aspects of mathematical biology, fluid dynamics and/or pattern formation
Brockurst, Michael Currently at University of Sheffield Host-pathogen coevolution, within-host evolution, antibiotic resistance
Brzozowski, Marek Chemistry/YSBL Structural biology, membrane proteins; method development
Caves, Leo Biology/YCCSA Simulation of complex biosystems; tools for data analysis/visualization
Coles, Mark Currently at the Kennedy Institute of Rheumatology Developmental immunology; haematopoesis/stroma; 4D imaging
Cussens, James Computer Science/YCCSA Machine learning; inductive logic programming
Davies, Gideon Chemistry/YSBL Structural Biology / cellular roles for carbohydrates /
enzyme mechanism / drug design
Dykeman, Erik Mathematics Mathematical and biophysical models of viral assembly, evolution and their life cycle in a cell
Hancock,Yvette  Physics Theoretical modelling of nanocarbon for biological application, and Raman spectroscopy of biological systems
Johnson, Steven Physics/Electronics Research within the Biomolecular Electronics Group is focussed on the integration, detection and manipulation of biological materials, such as DNA, peptides and proteins, with nanoelectronic devices
Kaye, Paul Biology/HYMS/ CII Immune regulation; experimental leishmaniasis
Lacey, Charles Biology/HYMS/ CII Phase 1 clinical trials of vaccines and microbicides against HIV; also research on HPV, Chlamydia and Leishmania
Lagos, Dimitris Biology/HYMS/ CII MicroRNA biology; Host-pathogen interactions; Endothelial cell biology
Leake, Mark Biology/Physics Research specializes on the theme of Single-molecule cellular biophysics. 
Moir, James Biology Bacterial pathogenesis; antimicrobial strategies
O'Connell, Deborah Physics  Low temperature plasmas and their technological applications
Parkin, Alison Chemistry  Bacterial activation of small molecules / redox metalloenzyme
chemistry / green energy catalysis / electrochemistry
Pitchford, Jon Biology/Maths/YCCSA Stochastic modeling of uncertainty & dynamics in biological systems
Plevin, Michael Biology/YSBL Protein/protein and protein/nucleic acid interactions; Structural Biology; NMR spectroscopy
Pryor, Paul Biology/HYMS Intracellular pathogen survival mechanisms; cell biology
Pushkin, Mitya Mathematics
Signoret, Nathalie Biology/HYMS/ CII Chemokine receptor function and regulation
Southgate, Jenny Biology Human epithelium; tissue development
Thomas, Gavin Biology Structure /function of bacterial transporters; systems biology, bioinformatics
Thomas-Oates, Jane Chemistry Biological mass spectrometry; host-microbe interactions
Timmis, Jon Computer Science/Electronics/YCCSA Artificial immune systems, modeling complex systems
Twarock, Reidun Maths/Biology/YCCSA Novel analytical/computational tools; modeling  virus structure/assembly
Van der Woude, Marjan Biology/HYMS/ CII Microbial pathogenesis/ gene regulation, biofilms
Vann, Roddy Physics Plasma physics; modelling medical plasmas and interactions with biofilms
Walrad, Pegine Biology/CII  Regulators of Leishmania spp. parasite differentiation that enable human leukocyte infection, with emphasis on post-transcriptional control as the primary mode of gene regulation
Wilkinson,  Tony Chemistry/YSBL Protein structure/function & crystallography
Wilson, Julie Chemistry/Maths/YCCSA Chemoinformatics; novel pattern recognition techniques; metabolomics
Wilson, Laurence Physics Biophysics and bioengineering, in particular the development of new optical microscopy methods used to study microorganisms.
Wood, Jamie Maths/Biology/YCCSA Theoretical and simulation tools, biological models