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CIDCATS Student Wayne Paes

Wayne Paes

2011 entry

My interests include the development of novel therapeutics for the treatment of infectious disease with particular focus (over the last two years) on Chlamydia trachomatis infections. Key drivers were the opportunities afforded to me at York to take part in translational science. During my PhD, I have gained an appreciation for the need to leverage potential synergies between key inter-departmental and international groups of diverse disciplines from structural biology to vaccinology.


I gained an MEng (Engineering Science) and an MSc (Pharmacology) at the University of Oxford. During this time, I undertook a 3-month internship at AstraZeneca (Charnwood) working with the Process Development team on late stage development of two novel therapeutics for lung cancer, and subsequently conducted part of my MSc project at Pfizer (Sandwich) investigating pharmacological interventions for interstitial cystitis. This diverse academic and industrial background fuelled my interest in adopting an interdisciplinary and translational approach to tackle the design of novel therapeutics for infectious disease.


Prof Charles Lacey (Biology/HYMS/CII), Prof Paul Kaye (Biology/HYMS/CII) and Prof Marek Brzowski (Chemistry/YSBL)