CIDCATS Student Profile

CIDCATS Student Rachel Findlay

Rachel Findlay

2014 entry

I have always been fascinated at how mathematics has an intriguing ability to solve and explain problems in our diverse universe. I thrive on the challenge of applying mathematical modelling techniques to biological processes and gain satisfaction from solving complex problems.


Before coming to the University of York I studied a BSc in Mathematical Biology at the University of Dundee. During my time at Dundee I took part in an interdisciplinary competition called iGEM (International Genetically Engineered Machines). It was taking part in this project which motivated me to continue with research and do a PhD. The CIDCATS programme stood out due to the interdisciplinary approach to research. I have found interdisciplinary research most interesting, allowing for the greatest potential in personal and group gain. By crossing the boundaries and collaborating with others from different scientific and technological disciplines I have been able to appreciate differing perspectives and methods, thus allowing me to approach existing problems from new angles.

PhD title

Swim Like Your Lifecycle Depends On It. Investigating Motility of Leishmania mexicana; its Impact on Parasite Lifecycle Progression and Infectivity


Dr. Pegine Walrad and Dr. Laurence Wilson