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CIDCATS Student Michael Bottery

Michael Bottery

2013 entry

In order to tackle antimicrobial resistance, further understanding of the trade-off between horizontal and vertical transmission and the cooperative nature and role of population structure in the spread of antimicrobial resistance genes is required. I am particularly interested in the role vector-based horizontal gene transfer plays in the rapid adaptation of bacteria with heterogeneous environments.


I gained my BSc Biology Hons at the University of Hull and went on to conduct fieldwork for the University of Liverpool, investigating the epidemiology of infectious diseases in insects. Coupled differential equation models describing the dynamics of the system were published by the research group. Wanting to gain the skills required for modelling such systems I achieved my MRes in Computational Biology at the University of York.

Projects during my Masters included comparative genomics in order to assess the relationship between bacterial core and accessory genomes with the Sinorhizobium genus and the analysis of encystation of the protozoan parasite Entamoeba histolytica through RNA Sequencing. I was attracted to CIDCATS as I wanted to integrate computational and mathematical modelling into addressing the complexity of human disease in an interdisciplinary manner.


Dr Jamie Wood (Biology/Maths/YCCSA) and Prof Michael Brockhurst (Biology)