CIDCATS Student Profile

CIDCATS Student Jason Cosgrove

Jason Cosgrove

2013 entry

In my research I use a combination of computational and experimental approaches to understand some of the key mechanisms we have evolved to protect us against pathogens. I enjoy working in this manner as it allows me to see how the specific pieces of information we currently know about the immune system fit together to obtain a more complete picture of how it functions.


I have been engaged in interdisciplinary research since my BSc. in Biomedical, Health & Life Science from University College Dublin. This degree exposed me to a wide range of topics in areas of medicine, basic sciences and statistics. In my final year I worked at the Mater Hospital Dublin studying the effects of antiretroviral therapy on cholesterol metabolism in HIV infected patients.

I then chose to do an MSc. In Bioinformatics and Systems Biology at University College Cork to gain further expertise in computational biology and gained a solid foundation in computer science, mathematics and statistics. I completed my MSc. research project at Roche in Basel, Switzerland where I developed data analysis software to analyse high-throughput behavioural pharmacology assays.

I chose to do apply for the CIDCATS programme as it was the best way for me to combine my experience studying infectious disease with my interest in computational biology and continue working in an interdisciplinary setting.


Prof Jon Timmis (Electronics/YCCSA) and Dr Mark Coles (Biology/HYMS/CII)