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CIDCATS Student James Geraets

James Geraets

2011 entry

The "neatness" of a scientific problem has not been the biggest motivator for my career choices to date. There are plenty of interesting challenges in physics and mathematics, many of which were tempting for a research career, and some of which when solved will have a great impact on our society. However, as a researcher into infectious diseases - in line with the Wellcome Trust's strategic goal and aspirations - I believe that increased research effort in this sector is critically needed, and will profoundly benefit mankind globally; my personal focus is simply a consequence of this belief.


My masters' research project as part of my undergraduate physics degree was in structural biology, specifically electron tomography of muscle sarcomeres. This lead to a wider interest into life sciences research, and eventually, to an existing area of interest: infection. I had previous entrepreneurial interest in modelling infection. CIDCATS seemed the perfect way to develop further skills in infectious disease research, and putting my physical sciences expertise to good use, whilst broadening my knowledge of life sciences.


Prof Reidun Twarock (Biology/Maths/YCCSA) and Dr Yvette Hancock (Physics/YCCSA)