CIDCATS Student Profile

CIDCATS Student Angela Privat Maldonado

Angela Privat Maldonado

2011 entry

Coming from Peru where cutaneous diseases such as leishmaniasis, fungal infections and cutaneous tuberculosis are common and have high morbidity, I want to work to develop new antimicrobial therapies and move this from the researchers' bench to the patient’s bedside. I am particularly interested in interdisciplinary research, where we can use the knowledge from different areas to address biological problems.


I did my undergrad in Biology and have experience on cell biology research, working towards the development of novel diagnostic methods for cutaneous leishmaniasis and testing vaccine candidates for this disease.  I came to the University of York to learn to work with other disciplines.  My project combines Biology with Physics to address the problem of drug resistant infections.


Dr Marjan van der Woude (Biology/HYMS/CII) and Dr Roddy Vann (Physics/YPI)