*This programme is no longer recruiting.


Infectious disease is a global threat to human health – Parasitic, bacterial and viral diseases represent 6 of the 10 leading causes of mortality worldwide. New thinking, approaches and tools are required for a better understanding of the complexity of disease processes at the molecular, cellular and organismal level.

A new generation of interdisciplinary researchers

CIDCATS is a graduate training programme designed to provide the skills and experience required for the integrative interdisciplinary research necessary to combat infectious disease.


Interdisciplinary research training

A 4 year programme, with an initial year of research training (Foundation Phase), followed by 3 years dedicated research on a specific interdisciplinary project (PhD phase). Aimed at exceptional students (including those with a strong background in a non-biological science, engineering or mathematics) with an interest on impacting on infectious disease through interdisciplinary research.

supported by the Wellcome Trust

Interdisciplinary ethos

CIDCATS embodies interdisciplinarity with mixed disciplinary student cohorts, cross-disciplinary training, interdisciplinary supervisors, projects and research environment.