Professor Janet Ford



Emeritus Professor

  • BA (Econ) Manchester
  • MSc (Loughborough)

Janet Ford was Director of the Centre for Housing Policy and the Joseph Rowntree Chair of Housing Policy from 1996-2003. Between 2003-2009 she was first a Pro-Vice Chancellor in the University and then worked on strategic projects in the Vice-Chancellor's Office. She maintained a research position in CHP throughout and is now an Emeritus Professor of the University. She retains her interest and involvement with CHP and is active in a research capacity.

She has a long-standing interest in the analysis of home ownership and has undertaken many studies on aspects of mortgage arrears and possessions. In 1988 she published a qualitative study of borrowers in mortgage arrears that provided a longitudinal account of the causes, management and consequences of arrears for households (funded by ESRC). Since then she has undertaken studies for lenders, the CML, DOE and then DETR including the first national survey of mortgage arrears and possessions published in 1995 (with Elaine Kempson). In 2004/5 she was the research advisor to an inquiry into Home Ownership and Risk to 2010 funded by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation and in 2009 undertook a study for Shelter examining the management of arrears in the current economic and housing market climate (Ford and Wallace, 2009), and a scoping paper for CLG on the methodologies for examining arrears and possessions (Ford, 2009).



Research interests

  • problematic aspects of owner occupation
  • mortgage arrears and possessions
  • changing relationship between the housing and labour markets
  • risk


Selected publications

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