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Research Fellow

  • BA (Hons) Latin & Italian, University of Liverpool
  • MSc Health Science & Clinical Evaluation,University of York
  • Certificate in Health Economics, University of Aberdeen

Karen Croucher joined CHP in 2000 and has continued to develop one of CHP’s major research themes - housing and later life, as well as drawing on her previous experience of health research to explore the links between health, housing and neighbourhood..  Karen has undertaken projects on: services to support older people to live independently in the community, end of life care, older people living in the private rented sector; the housing needs and choices of older people; retirement villages, sheltered housing and extra care housing; and housing for older people in rural areas.

Recently completed work includes the National Evaluation of the Handyperson Programme for the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG), the development of a good practice guide to support the development of lifetime neighbourhoods also for DCLG, and work on end of life care in extra care housing. Karen has undertaken projects for a range of commissioning organisations, including; DCLG, Department of Health, Joseph Rowntree Foundation, the National End of Life Care Programme, the Scottish Government, Hanover Housing, the Elderly Accommodation Counsel, Glagow Centre for Population Health, and Age UK.



Research interests

  • Housing and later life
  • Lifetime neighbourhoods
  • Extra care housing and retirement communities
  • End of life care





  • Literature review on neighbourhoods and health
  • The needs of retiring clergy  



Selected publications

Croucher, K., Quilgars., D., Baxter, D. and Dyke, A. (2017) Housing and Life Experiences: First interviews with a qualitative longitudinal panel of low income households, Second interim report to the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, York: Joseph Rowntree Foundation. Housing and Life Experiences - 2nd interim report (PDF , 1,348kb)

Evans, S., Valleley, S. and Croucher, K. (2014) The role of specialist housing in supporting older peeople with dementia, in Downs, M. and Bowers, B (Eds) Excellence in Dementia Care - Research into Practice. 2nd Edition. Maidenhead: Open University Press.  

Buckner, L., Croucher, K., Fry, G., Jasinska, M. (2013) The Impact of Demographic Change on the Infrastructure for Housing, Health and Social Care in the North of England Applied Spatial Analysis and Policy DOI: 10.1007/s12061-013-9090-y, Netherlands: Springer

Tunstall, R., Bevan, M., Bradshaw, J., Croucher, K., Duffy, S., Hunter, C., Jones, A., Rugg, J.,  Wallace, A.,  Wilcox, S (2013) The Links Between Housing and Poverty, York: Joseph Rowntree Foundation. Findings (PDF  , 226kb) Housing and Poverty Full Report (PDF , 1,548kb)

Croucher, K. and Bevan, M (2012) 'Promoting supportive relationships in housing with care', York: Joseph Rowntree Foundation. Promoting supportive relationships report (PDF , 462kb)

Croucher, K. and Lowson, K. (2012) National Evaluation of the Handyperson Programme, London: Department for Communities and Local Government
Downloads:  Report (PDF , 1,396kb) ; Appendices: Appendix (PDF , 358kb) ; Appendix (PDF , 320kb) ; Appendix (PDF , 372kb) Appendix (PDF , 789kb)

Jones, A., Lowson, K. and Croucher, K. (2012) Evaluation of the Test Sites Commissioned to Facilitate the Implementation of the National End of Life Care Programme Social Care Framework, Supporting People to Live and Die Well, National End of Life Care Programme Report (PDF , 314kb)

Bevan, M. and Croucher, K. (2011) Lifetime Neighbourhoods, London: DCLG.Report (PDF , 533kb)

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Croucher, K. and Rugg, J. (2010) Older People's Experiences of Renting Privately, London: Age Concern. Report (PDF , 2,543kb)

Croucher, K. and Bevan, M. (2010) Telling the Story of Hartfields: A New Retirement Village for the 21st Century, York: Joseph Rowntree Foundation. Report (PDF , 3,138kb)

Jones, A., Bretherton, J., Bowles, R. and Croucher, K. (2010) Sanctuary Schemes for Households at Risk of Domestic Violence: Practice Guide for Agencies Developing and Delivering Sanctuary Schemes, London: Communities and Local Government.Practice Guide for Agencies Developing and Delivering Sanctuary Schemes (PDF , 741kb)

Jones, A., Bretherton, J., Bowles, R. and Croucher, K. (2010) The Effectiveness of Schemes to Enable Households at Risk of Domestic Violence to Remain in Their Own Homes, London: Communities and Local Government.Report (PDF , 1,065kb)

Croucher, K. (2009) End of Life Care in Housing With Care Settings: Update on Policy and Recent Research, Department of Health.

Croucher, K., Holmans, A. and Wilcox, S. (2009) An Examination of the Housing Needs and Supply for an Ageing Society, London: Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyers.

Croucher, K. (2008) Housing Choices and Aspirations of Older People: Research from the New Horizons Programme, London: Communities and Local Government.

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Stephens, M. and Croucher, K. 2005. Attitudes to Making Adjustments to Common Parts of Rented and Leased Premises. Research Report No. 317. Department for Works and Pensions.

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