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Katia Attuyer
Research Fellow



Research Fellow

  • PhD in Urban Studies, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland.
  • MA in Geography, University College Dublin, Ireland.
  • Licence (eq. BA) Geography, Université Lyon 2, France.

Katia is a qualitative social scientist, with interests in social geography and urban policies. Katia joined CHP in July 2014. She is a member of the Co-motion research team investigating the links between mobility and well-being among older people.

Katia has been involved in a range of projects research on urban (re-)development issues. Her doctoral research reviewed the manner in which the growing intensification of the neoliberal agenda in urban policy has differentially affected the processes of urban regeneration in Paris and Dublin. The study also sought to identify how different socio-political and ideological contexts impacted on the ability of indigenous communities to participate in and help to shape the outcomes of regeneration. This research examined the relevance of renewal public policies to the needs of disadvantaged communities with a special emphasis on the effectiveness of measures seeking to facilitate community participation in the process of regeneration in order to counter social exclusion. Prior to joining CHP, she worked at the University of St Andrews as a Teaching and Research Fellow. Prior to this, she was a member of the LATTS research center (University of Paris-Est), conducting post-doctoral research on the financialization of the property sector and its implications for urban development. She worked as part of a team of four researchers involved in examining to what extent commercial property investors are taking into account issues of sustainable development in their investment decision-making process.



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Research Fellow
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