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Evidencing the cost of providing temporary accommodation‌

Researchers: Julie Rugg, David Rhodes, Alison Wallace
Funder: London Councils
Duration: April 2015 to September 2015    


London Councils has commissioned the Centre for Housing Policy at the University of York to complete a financial study isolating the cost to London boroughs of providing temporary accommodation (TA).  This research is supported by a broad range of stakeholders including London Councils and London Housing Directors’ Group, signalling all London boroughs’ endorsement of the research. 


The research aims to establish the cost of TA in the last financial year, taking into account income derived from Discretionary Hardship Payments and other central government TA funding. In addition, the research will:

  • Define the characteristics of the TA market in London
  • Identify change in that market since 2010
  • Establish the range of TA options in operation
  • Examine supply-side aspects of meeting demand for TA from London Boroughs.


The research method includes: 

  • A desk-based evidence-gathering exercise
  • Interviews with representatives from leading stakeholder groups, including the Department of Communities and Local Government; the Department for Work and Pensions, the National Practitioner Support Service; and London TA co-ordinators
  • Interviews with agencies involved in the supply of properties to the TA market.

The project will also conduct a borough-by-borough telephone survey to collect data on the use of various models of TA, trends in practice and expenditure since 2010, and views on market development.

Temporary Accommodation in London: Local authorities under pressure - Report (PDF , 421kb)

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