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Announcement of Conferences in York, Hexham and Leeds

Conference Crowd image York As the project is coming to an end Co-Motion will hold a series of local participant and stakeholder conferences to present results and findings.
The dates are as follows:
  • Tuesday 20 Sept Hexham Local Participant and Stakeholder Conference

  • Friday 23 Sept Leeds Local Participant and Stakeholder Conference

  • Monday 26 Sept York Local Participant and Stakeholder Conference

  • Tuesday 1 November National Dissemination Event in London
They will run from 2pm - 5pm, participation is by invitation only.

An International roundtable seminar will be held in York in November (dates are tbc).

Take part in our survey

take part in the Co-Motion Survey For York

Co-Motion has worked with older people (55+ years) from York to identify solutions to problems they experience getting around the city.

We would like to have opinions from everyone in York about these solutions and others you may have have. Click here >>


Current Activities


Throughout June-July 2016
  • Mobility scooter user trial: a week long study

  • Wider stakeholder consultation survey - Leeds City Centre


 Throughout July 2016
  • On-line survey to identify mobility solutions for the town 


 27 June 2016
  •  Creative writing workshop

Earlier Events in 2016

From Here to There: free creative writing workshop with poet, Anna Woodford

Monday 27 June 2016, 2.00pm to 4pm

Speaker: Anna Woodford

Co-Motion’s writer in residence, Anna Woodford, will be running a free creative writing workshop looking at themes of travel and mobility – and inviting you to write about every-day and out of the ordinary journeys. Places are limited. 
If you would like to come along, please get in touch with Anna through the contact details on her website

Location: York Explore

Admission: Free

Past events 2014-15

Here is a small overview of some of the activities Co-Motion has undertaken:

Mobility Scooter users: a week long study tracking mobility scooter users: Trials have taken place in Leeds and York.  The team developed a sensor pack and an app to record the journeys people take, record their experience and measure environmental exposure.

App Co-Design workshops:  The team ran four workshops across York and Leeds in February and March 2016 for participants to comment on proposed designs of navigation apps for mobile phones and tablets. The apps will allow people to plan walking routes in their local area and the apps will also monitor the routes that people take and use this data to inform other users of the safest, most efficient, or most pleasant route to take.

Safe mobilities for all workshops: The team ran a Safe mobility for all workshop with stakeholders in June 2015 and two further workshops with York and Leeds residents in September 2015. .This workshop examined the current guides available for stopping driving and also discussed how easily (or not) people make driving changes and what alternative to driving people consider and use.

Making your area safe for all: Co-operation workshops: The team ran two workshops with York and Leeds residents in October 2015 to look at the factors required to make local areas work for for older and disabled people..
Yornight (York's contribution to European Researchers' night) in September 2015 Outreach event to inform the general public about the project and for them to take part in a survey on proposed transport solutions.

York 50+ Festival Information Fair in September 2015