Accessibility statement

Dr Craig Poku

Postdoctoral Research Associate

Phone: +44 (0)1904 324758

Supervisor: Dr Sarah Moller

Research interests

I am a trained mathematician turned atmospheric scientist, where I have focused my work in recent years to address challenging societal issues. I completed a degree in mathematics at King’s College London, where I obtained a 1st Class Honours. Following a year in local government, I went on to complete a PhD PhD in Atmospheric Sciences from the University of Leeds which specialised in investigating fog microphysics. I am now working at WACL, where I am investigating how we can apply new and novel analytical techniques to air quality monitoring sites to gain interesting scientific insights.

In my time in atmospheric sciences, I have developed research interested in the following topics:

  • Computational Fluid Dynamics/model development
  • Cloud Microphysics
  • Urban air quality and it impacts on local meteorology
  • Aerosol physics
  • Stable Boundary Layers

I also regularly account for race analysis within environmental sciences, leading me to talk on panels discussing barriers faced by Black scientists and co-leading projects such as Black in Geoscience Week. If you’re interested in collaborating, feel free to contact me.

Selected publications

  • Poku, C., et al. "Is a more physical representation of aerosol activation needed for simulations of fog?" Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics (2021): 1-30.
  • Poku, C., Ross, A. N., Blyth, A. M., Hill, A. A., and Price, J. D.: How important are aerosol-fog interactions for the successful modelling of nocturnal radiation fog?, Weather, 74, 237–243,, 2019 
  • Gewin, Virginia. "'Blood, sweat and tears': Building a network for Black scientists." Nature (2020). (featured)
  • Poku, C., " Career intelligence: how to succeed as a Black PhD student” Times Higher Education (2019).

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