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Dr James Comerford

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Dr James Comerford was awarded his PhD at the University of York in 2010 and went on to part qualify as a patent attorney at the University of Bournemouth in 2012. Previously, James worked under Professor Michael North developing a number of heterogeneous and homogeneous catalysts for the synthesis of cyclic carbonates from CO2, along with developing green catalytic systems for Michael Additions. Further to this, he developed a number of metal halide impregnated zeolites for the direct synthesis of cyclic carbonates from diols and CO2, under Professor Claudio Mota at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

He is currently a post-doctoral research associate and MSc course tutor at the Green Chemistry Centre of Excellence, working on a BBSRC/IUK project - EnzPoly, BB/N023595/1. This is predominantly focussed at investigating the use of new bio-based monomers to synthesise a library of novel polymers, whilst working alongside Dr Alessandro Pellis to develop new protocol for enzyme catalysed polytransesterifications. In particular, there is emphasis on exploiting the unique properties offered by the multitude of chemical functionality found with bio-based monomers; examples include sustainable polymers with tuneable surface polarities as well as enhanced biodegradation rates. Further to this, James works with industrial partners, particularly with respect to non-linear scale up, allowing the next generation of innovative polymers to be produced at commercially relevant quantities.

Research Interests

Polymer synthesis, polymer post-modification, enzymatic catalysis, heterogeneous catalysts, clean organic synthesis, sustainable chemistry, bio-based platform chemicals, continuous flow synthesis, scale-up and green synthesis in industry.

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James William Comerford