Administrative, related and research support staff

All telephone numbers have the York (01904) dialling code.

Administrative and related

Administrative and Related staff

NamePositionRoomTelephoneEmail address
Dr Helen Coombs  Departmental Manager A121  322501
Nick Abbott  Undergraduate support and Admissions B013

01904 324189  Text Relay 

Kate Ball

YSBL Group Administrator B/K157

Katy Brooke Marketing and Events Administrator (Green Chemistry) F117B 324477
Rachel Crooks  Graduate Office Administrator A142  324077
Alice Duckett Graduate Office Manager A142  324544 
Sue Dunkerley HR Administrator A121 322716
Jo Eastwood  Administrative Assistant (Head of Department's Office) A121  322500 
Alison Edmonds Administrator (Green Chemistry) F117B 322567 
June Forsyth/Rana Torsun CIEC Administrator B016 322523
Dr Andy Goddard Research Facilitator A134  322602
Jane Harrison Administrative Assistant (YSBL) B/K157 328259
Kay Hollis  Undergraduate Office A111 324182 
Jenny Hudson-Bell Administrator (National Centre for Atmospheric Science and Chemistry Research Office) A136 322609 
Christina Surdhar Receptionist Reception 322529
Dr Leonie Jones Employability and Diversity Officer A131 324478
Rhoderick Miller Administrative Assistant (Undergraduate office) A109 324079
Janet Milner  Undergraduate Office  A111 324182 
Lyndsay Muschamp  Administrator (Centre for Hyperpolarisation in Magnetic Resonance) CHM/005  328886 
Sophie Palmer Administrator (Green Chemistry) F117B 324970
Esther Pringle Undergraduate Office A109 323022
Katrina Sayer Student Experience Manager B013 322545 
Fiona Shaw Research Support Officer A134 322603
Sharon Stewart Graduate School Administrator A142  323327/322576
Katie Stott (on mat leave) Administrative Assistant (Undergraduate Admissions and Undergraduate Office) A111/A109 322512/324079
Sarah Wilkie Undergraduate Assessment Administrator A113 322512
Robert Wood  Safety & Operations Administrator A133  322511 
Denise Woodhouse Administrator (Centre for Hyperpolarisation in Magnetic Resonance) CHM/005 328886


NamePositionRoomTelephoneEmail address
Michael Clark  Faculty Accountant  A144  324520 
Depika Lakhaney Management Accountant A144 322678
Abigail Leng  Finance Officer A136 322515 
Cheri Mussell Accountant A144 322678

Research support staff

Research support staff

NamePositionRoomTelephoneEmail address
Juliet Burns Biorenewables Development Centre BDC 2.89 561578
Andrew Goddard Research Facilitator A134 322602
Jobie Kirkwood Green Chemistry TEN Assistant F109 322705
Adrian Kybett National Centre for Atmospheric Science  G116 324754
Janice Lofthouse EU Research Project Manager in Green F109 324550
Rob McElroy RenewChem Project Manager F109 324527
Fiona Shaw Research Support Officer A134 322602
Louise Summerton Green Chemistry F109 324546

Administrative group email addresses

These email addresses may be used to direct information at the relevant administrators.

NameEmail addressTargetIT account
Head of Department's Office Jo Eastwood, Helen Coombs and Sue Dunkerley chem545
Board of Studies Janet Milner and Kay Hollis chem546
Chemistry Communications Christina Surdhar chem580
Chemical Industries Education Centre June Forsyth chem29
Demonstrating Alice Duckett, Rachel Crooks and Sharon Stewart chem537
Examinations Sarah Wilkie chem519
Graduate School  Alice Duckett, Rachel Crooks and Sharon Stewart misc40
Green Chemistry Katy Brooke, Alison Edmonds and Sophie Palmer chem579
Operations Manager Rob Wood and Simon Breeden chem530
Outreach Lisa Mayer and Annie Hodgson chem538
Photocopying Lisa Mayer and Nick Abbott chem570
Safety Moray Stark, Jing Wood and Rob Wood chem531
Undergraduate Admissions Katrina Sayer, Lisa Mayer and Nick Abbott chem78
Undergraduate Office Janet Milner and Kay Hollis chem540
Undergraduate Support Kay Hollis, Janet Milner and Esther Pringle chem555
Visiting Undergraduate Students John Slattery chem557
York Structural Biology Lab Admin Jane Harrison, Kate Ball chem571