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Wann Electron Diffraction Group

The research and expertise of the Wann Electron Diffraction Group is in the field of gas electron diffraction (GED). The central theme of our research is molecular structure; we determine directly via GED the structures of small-to-intermediate-sized isolated molecules in the gas phase where they are free from intermolecular interactions.

The Wann Electron Diffraction group operates and actively develops both fully-commissioned and prototype instruments, with which it is possible to perform state-of-the-art time-averaged and time-resolved (femtosecond pump-probe) GED experiments to study molecular structure in three or four dimensions. It is possible to obtain sub-picometre spatial resolution using GED and, in the time-resolved variant, sub-picosecond temporal resolution. Collaboration with researchers in California at the SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory allows us to carry out time-resolved GED experiments with even better temporal resolution. 

Both variants of GED require computational input to make the most of the diffraction data; our experimental studies are supplemented by high-level ab initio calculations. The Wann Electron Diffraction Group has been developing expertise in the simulation of time-resolved GED experiments, requiring advanced multireference ab initio calculations for electronically-excited states and semi-classical surface-hopping molecular dynamics (SHMD) simulations.

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If you are interested in collaboration/determination of a gas-phase structure via GED, please visit our sample guidance page first and then contact Derek Wann directly.