Emeritus Professor John Lindsay Smith

01904 322557
E-mail: jrls1@york.ac.uk

Mechanistic studies of catalytic, organic and bio-organic oxidations

I continue to take an active interest in collaborative research with colleagues in the Chemistry Department and abroad. Current projects include:

  • Studies on dye structure and photo-fading with Dr John Moore, funded by Fujifilm and EPSRC;
  • Modelling lubricant oxidative degradation in combustion engines with Dr Moray Stark, funded by Shell, Infineum and EPSRC;
  • Metal salen based models for superoxide dismutase and catalase with Professor Paul Walton, funded by Smith and Nephew and EPSRC.
  • Metalloporphyrin-catalysed oxidations, a long standing collaboration with staff at the University of Saõ Paulo, Ribeiraõ Preto, Brazil.

Selected recent publications

  • A manganese superoxide dismutase mimic based on cis,cis-1,3,5-triaminocyclohexane.
    E A Lewis, H H Khodr, R C Hider, J R Lindsay Smith and P H Walton, Dalton Trans, 2004, 187-188.
  • Spectroscopic studies of Direct Blue 1 in solution and on cellulose surfaces: effects of environment on a bis-azo dye.
    L C Abbott, S N Batchelor, L Jansen, J Oakes, J R Lindsay Smith and J N Moore, New J Chem, 2004, 28, 815-821.
  • A mechanistic study of the epoxidation of cinnamic acid by hydrogen peroxide catalysed by manganese 1,4,7-trimethyl-1,4,7-triazacyclononane complexes.
    B C Gilbert, J R Lindsay Smith, A Mairata i Payeras, J Oakes and R Pons i Prats, J Mol Catal: Chem, 2004, 219, 265-272.
  • Biomimetic oxidation of praziquantel catalysed by metalloporphyrins.
    A J B Melo, Y Iamamoto, A P J Maetrin, J R Lindsay Smith, M D Santos, N P Lopes and P S Bonato, J Mol Catal A: Chem., 2005, 226, 23-31.
  • Experimental and computational studies of the structure and bonding in parent and reduced forms of the azo dye Orange II.
    L C Abbott, S N Batchelor, J Oakes, B C Gilbert, A C Whitwood, J R Lindsay Smith and J N Moore, J Phys Chem, 2005, 109, 2894-2905.
  • Organosulfur oxidation by hydrogen peroxide using a dinuclear Mn-1,4,7-trimethyl-1,4,7-triazacyclononane complex.
    J R Lindsay Smith, J Murray, P H Walton and T R Lowdon, Tetrahedron Lett, 2006, 47, 2005-2008.
  • Ultrafast charge separation in a photoreactive rhenium-appended porphyrin assembly monitored by picosecond transient infrared spectroscopy.
    A Gabrielsson, F Hartl, H Zhang, J R Lindsay Smith, M Towrie, A Vlcek and R N Perutz, J Amer Chem Soc,2006, 128, 4253-4266.
  • A mechanistic study of the liquid phase autoxidation of nonan-5-one.
    C J Hammond, J R Lindsay Smith, E Nagatomi, M S Stark and D J Waddington, New J Chem, 2006, 30, 741-750, (2006).