Richard Douthwaite Group


Thanks to all past and present for their hard work

Current Group

  • Christopher Unsworth
Ph.D.  Photocatalysis for selective oxidation. (with Dr. Victor Chechik)
  • Danielle Jowett
Ph.D. Time resolved fluorescence spectroscopy of photocatalysts. (with Dr. Martin Cockett)
  • Menglong Zhang
Ph.D. Macroporous photoelectrodes
  • Ben Coulson
Ph.D. Photochemical redox catalysis
  • Ruifei Xuan
Ph.D. Metal oxide photoelectrodes
  • Hao Huang
Ph.D. Nanoparticle-TCO composite photoelectrodes
  • Mina Meseha
Ph.D. Photoelectrocatalytic conversion of CO2 and water to platform chemicals

Past Graduates and Postdocs

  • Miguel Taboada
M.Phil. 2004. Synthesis of and structures of 9,9'-spirobifluoryl- 2,2'-7,7'-tertacarboxylic acid and amide derivatives. Destination: Teacher training Spain
  • Ludovic Bonnet
Ph.D. 2004. Developed synthesis and catalytic application of chiral NHC-imines. Destination: Evotec
  • David Brooks
Ph.D. 2005. Design, construction and application of a microwave-induced plasma reactor. Destination: Teaching, Bedford Modern School, Department of Chemistry
  • Richard Hodgson
Ph.D. 2005. Synthesis and application of Chiral di-NHC and NHC-phosphines. Destination: Post-Doc, Sydney
  • Jennifer Houghton
Ph.D. 2005. Synthesis of di-NHC amine/amido complexes and application to catalysis. Destination: Post-Doc, Toulouse
  • Stevan Simonovic
Ph.D. 2007. Synthesis and reactivity of Chiral NHC-phenoxy-imine early metal complexes. Destination: Pfizer
  • Gavin Dyson
Ph.D. 2007. Synthesis and catalytic application of Chiral NHC-phenoxy-imine late metal complexes. Destination: Post-Doc, Bristol
  • Jean-Cedric Frison
Postdoc. 2008. NHC chemistry. Destination: Lecturer, Orleans
  • Ana Gomes
Ph.D. 2009. Photocatalysis: carbonylation of arenes and alkanes. Destination: Pos-Doc, Lisbon
  • Hasan Koyuncu
Postdoc 2009. NHC chemistry. Destination: National Service, Turkey
  • Yi-Hsin (Cindy) Chou
Postdoc 2010. Solar energy conversion and photocatalysis. Destination: Pharmaceutical industry, Taiwan
  • Qi Shi

Ph.D 2010. Synthesis and coordiantion chemistry of 1H-Pyridin-(2E)-ylidenes. Destination: Financial analyst, Shanghai

  • Ivy Tsang

MSc. 2011. Photocatalysis using macroporous semiconducting oxides. Destination: Ph.D., Spain

  • Christopher Thomas

Post Doc. 2011. Microwave plasma synthesis of materials for nuclide immobilisation. Destination: Post-Doc, Oslo

  • Robert Thatcher

Ph.D. 2012. Syntheis, structure and reactivity of pseudo-amido ligands. Destination: Post-Doc, York

  • Christopher Armstrong

Ph.D. 2013. Photocarbonylation of arense and alkanes. Destination: Teaching Fellow, Sheffield

  • Sha Qiao

MPhil. 2014 Carbon nitride-macroporous silica composites for photocatalyitc hydrogen production. Destination: Chemical Industry, China

  • Robert Mitchell

Ph.D. 2014 Effects of photonic macroporous hosts on the activity of photocatalytic nanoparticles. Destination: Post-Doc JEOL nanocentre

  • Natalie Pridmore

Ph.D. 2015 Metal alloy nanoparticles for electrocatalysis. Destination: X-ray facility, University of Bristol