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Dr Caroline Dessent Highlights


  • ERC Starting Grant Award Winner 2008-2015.
  • Royal Society University Research Fellowship: Awarded 1999; Renewed in October 2004 and October 2006.

Recent Invited Lectures

  • British Mass Spectrometry Society Annual Meeting, Eastbourne, September 2016: Shining Light into Mass Spectrometers: UV Laser-interfaced mass spectrometers as tools for spectroscopic identification of isomeric molecular ions.
  • Spectroscopy and Dynamics Groups Annual Meeting, Warwick, January 2016: UV Light Driven Reactivity in Isolated Biomolecule Clusters.
  • Open University, Departmental Seminar, June 2016: Developing new techniques for mapping intrinsic photophysics of biomolecules in the gas-phase.

International Collaborations

  • Prof Daniel M. Neumark, University of California, Berkeley.
  • Dr Xuebin Wang, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, USA

Other Distinctions

  • Member of the EPSRC College (2012-date).
  • Molecular Physics Group, Elected Treasurer, Institute of Physics (July 2006 – July 2009). Committee member (July 2009-date).
  • Spectroscopy and Dynamics Group, Elected Treasurer, Royal Society of Chemistry (January 2007 – January 2010).
  • Diarist for the “Science, Not Art” project. Science, Not Art: Ten Scientists Diaries, published by the Gulbenkian Foundation, London, 2003.