Professor Duncan Bruce Group Members

Current Research Group

Postgraduate Students


Rachel Bean - PhD student (since Oct 2015)

MChem with Industrial Experience, University of Edinburgh

  • Emissive liquid crystals based on Gold (III) and Pt(IV)  

Jordan Herod - PhD student (since Oct 2016)

MChem with a year in Industry, University of York

  • Ionic Polycatenar Liquid Crystals based on the N-phenylpyridinium unit: synthesis and phase behaviour 


Alice McEllin - PhD student (from Oct 2018)


External Collaborators

Work of the type we do requires collaborations with scientists with expertise complementary to our own and we have worked with several different groups over the years. Current collaborators include:

  • Dr Daniel Guillon and Bertrand Donnio , IPCMS, Strasbourg, France (X-ray, dilatometry).
  • Professor Geoffrey R. Luckhurst, University of Southampton, UK (2H NMR).
  • Professor Koen Binnemans , KU Leuven, Belgium (Lanthanide mesogens).
  • Dr Andreja Lesac, Ruder Boskovic Institute, Zagreb, Croatia (chiral and bent-core mesogens).
  • Professor Thomas Maschmeyer , TU Delft, Netherlands (catalysis).
  • Professor John Seddon, Imperial College, UK (metallosurfactants)
  • Dr Wuzong Zhou, St Andrews, UK (electron microscopy).

Former Group Members (Do e-mail if you can provide information)

More will be added when I have the time.

  • Dr M Nurul Abser (BSc Jahangirnar, PhD Central Lancashire). Now Associate Professor, Jahangirnar University, Bangladesh (PDRA 1994-95).
  • Dr Maria Amela Cortes (Ingenier, Universidad Ramon LLull, Barcelona; PhD, Exeter) now seeking work in France (PhD 2006)
  • Dr Kate Amos (MChem, PhD Exeter). Now working for Nanotecture. (PhD 2005).
  • Professor Koen Binnemans (PhD, Leuven). Member of academic staff at KU Leuven. (PDRA 1997).
  • Dr Sandrine Bousquet (Maitrise, DEA, PhD, Toulouse). Now seeking a position in France. (PDRA 1999-2001).
  • Dr Rebecca Butcher (née Cox) (BSc PhD, Sheffield). Now working for Pilkingtons. (PhD 1997).
  • Dr Chris Cabry (PhD)
  • Dr Francesco Carrion Vilches. (BSc, PhD Murcia). Now Lecturer in Materials, Universidad de Murcia, Spain. (PDRA 1995-96).
  • Dr Viorel Cîrcu (BSc, PhD, Bucharest). Assistant Lecturer, University of Bucharest. (PDRA 2003-04).
  • Dr Simon Collinson (BSc, PhD Sheffield). Now Temporary Lecturer in Inorganic Chemistry, University of Nottingham (PDRA 1996-99).
  • Dr Lucia D'Andrea (PDRA 2014-1016)
  • Dr Mark Danks (MChem, PhD Exeter). Working for Johnson Matthey. (PhD 2002)
  • Dr Richard Date (BSc, PhD Southampton). Seeking a position in the UK. (PDRA 1998-2004).
  • Dr Rupinder Dhillon (BSc, Essex, MPhil, PhD, Sheffield). Working in the UK (PhD 1991)
  • Dr Bertrand Donnio (Maitrise Rennes 1, PhD, Sheffield). Now Chargé de Recherche 1, IPCMS, Strasbourg. (PhD 1996).
  • Qiaochu DU (MRes student 2015-2016)
  • Dr Holger Eichhorn (PhD Bremen). Now staff member, Windsor University, Canada. (PDRA 1995-96).
  • Dr Daniela Fazio (Laurea, Messina; PhD Exeter). Working in the semiconductor industry in Italy. (PhD 2001).
  • Dr Eva Fernandez Iglesias (Licenciado, Oviedo, PhD Exeter). Working for Key Organics. (PhD 2002).
  • Aurélie Friang (Ingénieur, ENSC Montpellier)
  • Dr Deborah Huck (MChem, PhD Exeter). Now working for Malvern Instruments. (PhD 2004).
  • Dr Kate Gransden (née Rowe) (BSc, PhD Sheffield). Research scientist at Unilever Research. (PhD 1996).
  • Dr Marie-Andrée Guillevic (Maitrise, DEA, PhD, Rennes). Now research scientist at RSR Ltd (PDRA 1997-99).
  • Dr John Holbrey (BSc, PhD Newcastle-on-Tyne). Now on the staff at the University of Alabama. (PDRA 1992-94)
  • Dr Sarah Hudson (BSc Aberystwyth, PhD Sheffield). Now working as a teacher and translator in Rennes, France. (PhD 1991).
  • Dr Zhang Hui. Now assistant professor, Universty of Xiamen, China. (PDRA 1996-97)
  • Dr Jon Hunt (BSc Cardiff, PhD Exeter) Now working in conference management. (PhD 2000)
  • Dr Helen Jervis (BSc, PhD Exeter). Working in an instrument company. (PhD 1999).
  • Dr Valery Kozhevnikov (BSc, PhD: Urals State Technical University, Ekaterinberg, Russia)
  • Dr Nicky King (MChem, PhD Exeter). Now working in the School of Biosciences, University of Exeter. (PhD 2005).
  • Dr Sarah Kirchhecker (PDRA 2015-18)
  • Dr Ronan Le Lagadec (DEA, PhD Rennes 1). Now on the Faculty at UNAM, Mexico.
  • Dra Elena Lalinde (PhD, Zaragoza). Now Profesora Titular, Universidad de la Rioja. (Postdoctoral visitor, 1985 and 1986).
  • Dr Andreja Lesac (BSc, MSc, PhD Zagreb). Research Associate, Ruder Boskovic Institute, Zagreb. (PDRA 1996-97)
  • Dr Xiao-Hua Liu (PhD Sheffield). Now working in computing in Canada. (PhD 1997).
  • Dr Julian Marsden (BSc, PhD Sheffield). Now working as a teacher. (PhD 1993).
  • Dr Françoise Martin (DEA Rennes, PhD Exeter). Working in computing in Paris. (PhD 2000)
  • Pamela Martin (MChem, Exeter)
  • Dr Carole Mongin-Bulewski (Maitrise, DEA, PhD, Toulouse). Now in science publishing with Biomed Central. (PDRA 1998-2000).
  • Dr Stefania Morrone (Laurea, PhD Calabria). Now working at the Università della Calabria. (PDRA 1994-97).
  • Dr Jaishri Naidu (BSc, MSc Pune, India; PhD, Mangalore, India) Working in industry in India (PDRA 2004-06)
  • Dr Loc Nguyen (DEA, PhD, Bordeaux). Now a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Durham (PDRA 2000-03).
  • Dr Stephen Nugent (BSc, PhD New South Wales). (PDRA 1993-96).
  • Dr Laurent Omnes (DEA Rennes, PhD Exeter). Postdoctoral fellow at the ESPCI, Paris, France. (PhD 2001)
  • Dr Andrew Pidwell (BSc, PhD Exeter). Teacher at Ivybridge School Devon. (PhD 2000)
  • Dr Nathalie Pinault (DEA Rennes, PhD Exeter). Working in industry in France. (PhD 2000)
  • Dr Daniel Price (BSc, PhD Sheffield). EPSRC Advanced Fellow and Lecturer at the University of Glasgow. (PhD 1995).
  • Dr Carsten Präsang (BSc: Oldenburg; PhD: Marburg)
  • Alessio Riccobono (exvchange PhD student 2016-2017) 
  • Dr Jonathan Rourke (BSc, PhD Sheffield). Now Lecturer in Chemistry at Warwick University (PDRA 1993-94).
  • Amedeo Santoro (Laurea, Napoli, Italy)
  • Dr Julia Sarju (PhD student 2012-2016)
  • Dr Imelda Silalahi (PhD student until 2017)
  • Dr Antonina Smirnova (BSc, MSc, PhD: Ivanovo University, Russia)
  • Dr Peter Styring (BSc, PhD Sheffield). Now Senior Lecturer in Chemical Engineering at Sheffield University. (PhD 1988).
  • Dr Shashi Indudhara Swamy (BSc, MSc: Mysore; PhD: Mangalore, India)
  • Dr Ali Tajbakhsh (PhD Sheffield). Now Research Fellow, Cavendish Laboratory, Cambridge. (PDRA 1991-92).
  • Dr Ching-Wei Tseng (PhD, National Dong Hwa university) now Postdoctoral fellow at National Kaohsiung Normal University, Kaohsiung, Taiwan (PhD student 2015-2016)
  • Dr Anna Thomas (née Thornton) (BSc, PhD Sheffield). Now living in Western Australia. (PhD 1993).
  • Dra Mari Carmen Torralba (PhD, Murcia). Postdoctoral Fellow, Complutense University, Madrid, Spain (PDRA 2003).
  • Dr Qing Min Wang (PhD Sheffield). Research scientist at Air Products in Newark, USA. (PhD 1995).
  • Dr Jonathan Watkins (BSc, PhD, Sheffield). Now working in industry. (PhD 1992).
  • Dr Alex Williamson (BSc, PhD Sheffield). Now PDRA at Dartmouth, USA. (PhD 1996).
  • Dr Kimberley Willis (née Smith) (BSc, PhD Sheffield). 'Daphne Jackson Research Fellows', Sheffield University (PhD 1998).