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Dr Zach Armstrong

Tel: (+44) (0)1904 32 8276

Postdoctoral Research Associate

Zach Armstrong is a postdoctoral research fellow in the group of Professor Gideon Davies, FMedSci, FRS. His research interests centre on the biocatalysts that promote the synthesis and degradation of carbohydrates. His PhD research focused on the identification and characterization of glycoside hydrolases from environmental DNA and the development of glycosynthases. Currently his research focuses on the use of activity based probes to interrogate glycoside hydrolases from both eukaryotic and bacterial sources.

Recent publications

  • An overview of activity-based probes for glycosidases 
    Wu et al., Current Opinion in Chemical Biology, 2019, 53, 25-36
  • High-Throughput Recovery and Characterization of Metagenome-Derived Glycoside Hydrolase-Containing Clones as a Resource for Biocatalyst Development
    Armstrong et al., mSystems, 2019, 4 (4), e00082-19
  • Development and Application of a High-Throughput Functional Metagenomic Screen for Glycoside Phosphorylases
    MacDonald et al., Cell Chemical Biology, 2019, 26 (7), 1001-1012
  • Systematic Screening of Synthetic Gene-Encoded Enzymes for Synthesis of Modified Glycosides
    Armstrong et al., ACS Catalysis, 2019, 9 (4), 3219-3227
  • Metagenomics Reveals Functional Specialization and Novel Polysaccharide Utilization Loci in the Castor canadensis Fecal Microbiome.
    Armstrong et al., The ISME Journal, 2018, 12, 2757-2769
  • Discovery of New Glycosidases From Metagenomic Libraries
    Armstrong et al., Methods in Enzymology, 2017, 597, 3-23
  • Enzymatic fine-tuning for 2-(6-hydroxynaphthyl) β-d-xylopyranoside synthesis catalyzed by the recombinant β-xylosidase BxTW1 from Talaromyces amestolkiae
    Nieto-Domínguez et al., Microbial cell factories, 2016, 15 (1), 171
  • Synthesis and evaluation of a series of 6-chloro-4-methylumbelliferyl glycosides as fluorogenic reagents for screening metagenomic libraries for glycosidase activity
    Chen H.M et al., Carbohydrate Research, 2016, 421, 33-39
  • Biocatalysts for biomass deconstruction from environmental genomics
    Armstrong et al., Current Opinion In Chemical Biology, 2015, 29, 18-25
  • Synthesis of glycans and glycopolymers through engineered enzymes
    Armstrong et al., Biopolymers, 2013, 99 (10), 666-674
  • Biomining active cellulases from a mining bioremediation system
    Mewis K et al., Journal Of Biotechnology, 2013, 167 (4), 462-471
  • Distal heme pocket residues of B-type dye-decolorizing peroxidase: arginine but not aspartate is essential for peroxidase activity
    Singh, R et al., Journal of Biological Chemistry, 2012, 287 (13) 10623-10630
  • Enzymatic thioxyloside synthesis: characterization of thioglycoligase variants identified from a site-saturation mutagenesis library of Bacillus circulans xylanase
    Armstrong et al., Chembiochem, 2010, 11 (4) 533-8



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