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Seth Arthur-Hastie


I'm a PhD student working at the Wolfson Atmospheric Chemistry Laboratories (WACL) at the University of York. I studied chemistry at the University of Hull, graduating with a first class MChem in Chemistry with Nanotechnology in 2019. I went on to continue my final year research project (concerning development of a synthesis method for creating new metal oxide materials with novel properties) with an additional funding grant. I gained experience in material characterisation during a short-term research project at the University of Hull with the EPSRC AURA CDT and an industry partner. 


MChem in Chemistry with Nanotechnology

Research interests

Atmospheric chemistry, optical characterisation techniques, laser-based instrumentation development

Teaching interests

I have experience privately tutoring children (ages 7-17) in Chemistry (up to A level) and Maths (up to GCSE). I hope to expand this with experience teaching chemistry in a lab setting during my time at York.

Project title

Developing new laser-based instruments to characterise optical properties or aerosol particles for road traffic



Leeds York NERC Panorama Doctoral Training Partnership (DTP)

Project outline

With non-exhaust sources of particulate matter (PM) becoming an increasingly large proportion of road traffic pollution, gaining a greater understanding of this PM is of ever-increasing importance. Factors that influence these emissions are not well understood compared to exhaust emissions, making solutions to reduce and predict them difficult. Additionally, not enough is known about the effects of these particles, both on tropospheric chemistry and cardiopulmonary health.

The aim of this project is to develop laser-based instrumentation to better characterise these aerosol particles with respect to size and morphology, to better understand their impact on the climate and respiratory health. 

Awards and prizes

Dr John Chipperfield Memorial Prize for outstanding performance and sustained excellence in inorganic chemistry (2019)

Wolfson Atmospheric Chemistry Laboratory

General enquiries:

Postal address: Wolfson Atmospheric Chemistry Laboratory, Department of Chemistry, Innovation Way, Heslington, York, YO10 5DD