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Ieuan Roberts


I am a PhD student working at the Wolfson Atmospheric Chemistry Laboratories (WACL) at the University of York. I did my undergraduate degree in chemistry at the University of York, during which I greatly enjoyed my option modules in both atmospheric chemistry and environmental science. This led to me choosing to do my masters project at WACL with Lucy Carpenter. In my master’s project I looked at the possible links between chemical properties and physical properties of the sea-surface microlayer (SML) which plays an important role in the deposition of compounds like tropospheric ozone to the ocean surface.


MChem in Chemistry, Resources in the Environment (Upper Second) 2014-2018

Memberships and Fellowships

Member of the Royal Society of Chemistry

Research interests

My research interests centre around the interface of chemical oceanography and atmospheric chemistry.

Project title

Using negative ion selected ion flow tube mass spectrometry (NI-SIFT-MS) for detection of sea surface emissions



Leeds York NERC SPHERES Doctoral Training Partnership (DTP)

Project outline

In the project I will be using gas standards and permeation tubes to provide known concentrations of compounds. The rates of reaction, branching ratios and responses to humidity will be characterised for each compound to allow for future measurement by SIFT-MS. Experiments will then be used to measure emissions from iodide solutions, synthetic seawater and real seawater samples.

Wolfson Atmospheric Chemistry Laboratory

General enquiries:

Postal address: Wolfson Atmospheric Chemistry Laboratory, Department of Chemistry, Innovation Way, Heslington, York, YO10 5DD