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David Loades


I am a PhD student working at the Wolfson Atmospheric Chemistry Laboratories (WACL) in York. My current work involves measuring ozone flux to the ocean surface and how this is affected by constituents of the water, especially dissolved organic material. I previously studied at the University of York for my master’s degree, with my final year project examining the effects of iodide and fatty acids on the oceanic deposition of ozone.


2013-2017: Mchem from the University of York with first-class honours.

Research interests

Tropospheric ozone has adverse effects on human health, crop yields and ecosystem diversity, but global estimates of the rate of ozone deposition to the Earth’s surface vary widely. Oceanic deposition is a major source of uncertainty due to many factors varying greatly across the globe. Dissolved organic carbon has in recent years been indicated to have a significant influence of the rate of ozone deposition. My project aims to better understand the composition of organics in the sea surface microlayer and quantify the affect this has upon the uptake of ozone by the seawater.

Teaching interests

Chemistry, Maths and English as a Foreign Language

Project title

Oceanic Ozone Deposition and its Chemical Controls.



Leeds York NERC SPHERES Doctoral Training Partnership (DTP)

Project outline

Deployment of an ozone flux instrument at the Plymouth Marine Laboratory (PML) with concurrent sea surface microlayer sampling to characterise the effects of dissolved organic carbon and iodide on oceanic ozone deposition.

Wolfson Atmospheric Chemistry Laboratory

General enquiries:

Postal address: Wolfson Atmospheric Chemistry Laboratory, Department of Chemistry, Innovation Way, Heslington, York, YO10 5DD