Current NERC DTP students

Find out more about the NERC DTP students studying at York:

Freya Squires

Gas phase pollution in a Chinese megacity

Stefan Swift

Air quality and particle pollution in Beijing, China: investigating the role of organic nitrogen species

David Loades

Oceanic ozone deposition and its chemical controls

Bethany Nelson

Atmospheric chemistry in an Indian megacity

 Ryan Pound

Ryan Pound

Developing a next generation representation of the ocean for atmospheric chemistry transport models




Gareth Stewart

Investigating the impact of combustion sources to air pollution in Delhi, India

Daniel Bryant

Improving our understanding of the role of biogenic emissions in urban air quality 

Ieuan Roberts

Using negative ion selected ion flow tube mass spectrometry (NI-SIFT-MS) for detection of sea surface emissions

Rebecca Wagner

Beyond NOx - future air pollution impacts of road vehicles

Dominika Pasternak

Investigating local and regional air pollution from shipping

Alfie Mayhew

Does night-time chemistry of isoprene impact air quality in polluted environment?

Sam Cliff

Measurements of urban emissions of NOx and volatile organic compounds

Loren Temple

Understanding the impact of trace level sulfur dioxide on air pollution and climate

Seth Arthur-Hastie

Developing new laser-based instruments to characterise optical properties or aerosol particles for road traffic

Abdulla Moussa

Understanding the changing sources of VOCs in the UK over the last two decades and implication in the future

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