Current SPHERES DTP Students

Below are details of the SPHERES DTP students studying at York. Details of all students on this DTP are available on the SPHERES web pages:

 Shani Garraway small

Shani Garraway

Long-term measurement and modelling of biogenic VOCs in a tropical rainforest environment

Partner: National Physical Laboratory (CASE)

 Jacob Shaw small

Jacob Shaw

Lifetime measurements of atmospheric chlorine atoms

 Will Dixon

Will Dixon

Quantitative Analysis of Atmospheric Secondary Organic Aerosols by High Resolution Mass Spectrometry

Daniel Ellis

Novel generation and visualisation tools for future air quality prediction

Eleanor Morris

Human impacts on atmospheric composition over West Africa. Pollution, Projections and Policy

Adam Saint

Atmospheric chemistry at the ocean surface: Using novel sensors to probe air-sea exchange

Katie Smith

Katie Smith

Development of low cost networks of sensors for the detection of fracking gas emissions

Freya Squires

Gas Phase Pollution in a Chinese Megacity

Stefan Swift

Air Quality and Particle Pollution in Beijing, China: Investigating the role of organic nitrogen species


David Loades

Oceanic Ozone Deposition and its Chemical Controls.


Bethany Nelson

Atmospheric Chemistry in an Indian Megacity

 Ryan Pound

Ryan Pound

Developing a next generation representation of the ocean for atmospheric chemistry transport models







Gareth Stewart

Investigating the impact of combustion sources to air pollution in Delhi, India


Simone Andersen

Assessing the sources and chemistry of nitrogen oxides in the remote oceanic atmosphere


Daniel Bryant

Improving our understanding of the role of biogenic emissions in urban air quality 


Ieuan Roberts

Using negative ion selected ion flow tube mass spectrometry (NI-SIFT-MS) for detection of sea surface emissions

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