Green Chemistry Technology Platforms


The Technology Platforms below support the research areas of the GCCE by providing key infrastructure:

Plants in test tubes.

Clean Synthesis 

Led by Dr Thomas Farmer

Use of bio-based chemicals and greener synthetic methods to produce sustainable chemicals such as solvents, polymers and surfactants.
Researcher working with orange peel in microwave. 

Microwave Chemistry

Led by Dr Alice Fan

Use of microwave technology for the energy efficient valorisation of waste biomass to produce novel bio-based chemicals.

Different coloured chemicals in bottles.

Alternative Solvents

Led by Dr James Sherwood

Industrially focused research developing safer solvents for extraction, synthesis, and the production of new materials.

Arrow from potato to Starbon then batteries

Bio-based Mesoporous Materials (B2M2)

Led by Dr Vitaly Budarin

Conversion of bio-waste to high value materials applicable for green technologies.