ALTEREGO: Alternative Energy Forms for Green Chemistry


Alternative Energy Forms for Green Chemistry (ALTEREGO) was a collaborative project funded by the European Union within the 7th Framework Programme.

ALTEREGO aimed at developing a hierarchical methodology for targeted supply of three alternative forms of energy (ultrasound, plasma and microwaves) in novel reactors to precisely control chemical transformations and reaction pathways. It is based on fundamental mechanism understanding, advanced modelling, experimentation, and model validation. The aim was to overcome existing bottlenecks towards the implementation of alternative energy technologies for intensified chemical manufacturing. This was done by enabling highly efficient chemical syntheses using alternative energy forms, and more specifically by the establishment of a new hierarchical methodology through reliable process data collection with advanced analytical tools, robust multiscale modelling and design and also the development of scalable equipment. The methodology is generic and for three alternative energy technologies: ultrasound, microwave, and non-thermal plasma. Their application to different industrially relevant case studies in the application areas of advanced pharmaceutical synthesis and green fuels and bulk chemicals synthesis was part of the subject.