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Award to mark academic’s leading contribution to green chemistry research

Posted on 20 September 2019

A leading academic from the University of York who was instrumental in establishing the UK’s green chemistry movement 20 years ago has received official recognition for his work in this area.

Professor James Clark has been awarded the prestigious Green Chemistry Award from the Royal Society of Chemistry.

Professor Clark is the founding Director of the University’s Green Chemistry Centre of Excellence and the Biorenewables Development Centre.

The award recognises Professor Clark’s promotion of applied, market-driven green chemistry and engagement with industry and policymakers.

His work focuses on getting value from waste and in particular turning waste into molecules and useful products.

Professor Clark said: “I am delighted to receive the award from the organisation that helped me start the green chemistry movement in the UK 20 years ago.”

He added: “Climate change is a consequence of our poor use of the Earth’s limited resources.  Too many of these resources are exploited for short-term gain to feed our consumer society but lead to long term pain through waste, pollution and consequential climate change.

“At York we are challenging the use of traditional resources and established linear supply chains with new circular models that see waste as a resource and ensure minimal environmental impact.”

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