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A substantial effort has been made by the Green Chemistry Centre of Excellence (GCCE) to promote the use of new alternative solvents -  supercritical/liquid CO2, bio-based solvents and solvents from food-waste - as sustainable and economically attractive alternatives to conventional organic solvents. Our goal is to develop, apply and promote the implementation of safer, greener and more sustainable solvents into industry. 

Circa Group Pty Ltd, a strategic company partner of the GCCE, has been awarded AUD$1.45 million to build a demonstration plant to manufacture Cyrene a new bio-based solvent discovered by GCCE.  Cyrene is currently in trials with tier 1 pharmaceutical and agrochemical companies in Europe and North America.

Increasing regulatory pressures are forcing companies to replace many traditional solvents used in manufacturing processes, and Cyrene is recognised as one of few new alternatives coming to market. It is also showing considerable promise as a solvent in the manufacture of graphene. Having commissioned its fourth generation pilot plant mid 2014, these successful international market trials are providing the confidence to move forward with investment for this next stage manufacturing facility.