Research Placements at the Green Chemistry Centre of Excellence

The Green Chemistry Centre of Excellence (GCCE) welcomes visiting researchers from around the world to carry out short-term (minimum 12 weeks duration) and long-term voluntary research placements in the Centre.

If you have experience in chemistry or a related discipline and are interested in applying for a placement, please email your CV and cover letter to

It is helpful if you include the following information in your application:

  • name and address of your home institution
  • your current level of study (Undergraduate/Masters/PhD)
  • dates you are available and your preferred start and end date
  • your research interests and if there is a particular area that you would like to work in (further information about the Centre's activities may be found on our research pages)

Your application will be assessed by one of our placement supervisors based on the space available in our laboratory, supervisor availability and whether there is a project available that is aligned with your research interests.


Please note that our laboratory is expected to be full to capacity during the summer and so we are currently only able to consider applications for placements that begin after 1 September 2020.