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CHEM21 Online Learning Platform

As a partner in the EU IMI CHEM21 project, the GCCE led on the creation of a bespoke e-learning platform that was developed with the aim of promoting uptake of green and sustainable methodologies, with a particular focus on the synthesis of pharmaceuticals. The CHEM21 online learning platform comprises a range of free, shareable and interactive educational and training materials that have been created in collaboration with industry.

The platform covers a broad range of topics, both at an introductory level and in-depth under the following topics:

  • Foundation
  • Guides and Metrics
  • Solvents
  • Synthetic Toolbox
  • Process Design
  • Life Cycle Impacts and the Environmental Fate of Pharmaceuticals

Each learning module stands alone, so the user can pick and choose from a wealth of resources to create a learning path appropriate to their needs. The content is also highly interactive to maintain the user’s interest; learning resources are provided in a variety of formats including text, video, charts and diagrams, interactive tools, multiple choice quizzes, and in-depth study exercises. The platform can be readily used both for personal study and for teaching purposes, and has been specifically organised to allow the user to ‘pick and choose’ material tailored to their specific needs. Unless stated otherwise, material can be embedded (with acknowledgement) into in-house training and taught courses. 


The CHEM21 online learning platform, solvent selection guide and metrics toolkit were all developed as part of the IMI funded CHEM21 project (Chemical Manufacturing Methods for the 21st Century Pharmaceutical Industries). CHEM21 has received funding from the Innovative Medicines Initiative Joint Undertaking under grant agreement n°115360, resources of which are composed of financial contribution from the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme (FP7/2007-2013) and EFPIA companies’ in kind contribution

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