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Robin Perutz gives ‘Malcolm Green Lecture’

Posted on 9 May 2018

Professor Robin Perutz delivered the ‘Malcolm Green Lecture’ at the University of Oxford.

Photograph of (left to right) Jenny Green, Robin Perutz, Tony Downs and Malcolm Green.

On 1 May, Professor Robin Perutz became the 9th annual Malcolm Green Lecturer in the University of Oxford's Department of Chemistry. In doing so, he joined an illustrious list of previous lecturers, including Nobel Prize Winners Richard Schrock and Jean-Pierre Sauvage. Other recipients of the lectureship are Harry Gray, Dan Nocera, John Bercaw, Maurice Brookhart, Geoff Cloke and Ernesto Carmona.

Robin Perutz’s talk, titled Photochemistry of metal hydride complexes inside an NMR spectrometer: breaking the speed limits of NMR explored his development of laser-induced chemistry with detection by nuclear magnetic resonance in collaboration with Professor Simon Duckett.

Revisiting Oxford gave Robin the opportunity to meet up with a number of mentors from his days as a Departmental Demonstrator in the Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory. These included Jenny Green, Tony Downs and Malcolm Green himself, after whom the lectureship is named.