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New Instrumentation for Chemistry Teaching Laboratory

Posted on 2 May 2013

As part of a continuing programme of investment in our teaching laboratories, the Department of Chemistry has committed a further £60k to purchase new laboratory instrumentation and equipment this summer.

Photo of test tubes

New purchases will include four gas chromatography (GC) systems, including autosamplers, software and hydrogen detectors. An additional attenuated total reflection accessory will also be purchased to increase our capacity for ATR infrared (IR) spectroscopy.

This investment follows on from an investment of around £150k last summer, in new instrumentation for our teaching laboratory, which helps to ensure that our students are trained on the most modern state-of-the-art spectrometers.

Dr Anne-Kathrin Duhme-Klair (Teaching Laboratory Equipment and Infrastructure Officer) noted: "With these new GC instruments, we now have the capacity to increase the number of practical experiments that rely on GC detection. The instruments allow training in both manual injection techniques and the use of auto-samplers for high throughput analysis"