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News 2020

National Student Survey 2020

Posted on Thursday 16 July 2020

We’re delighted to learn that our chemistry students rated their learning experience highly in the National Student Survey, and are some of the happiest in the UK.

Major grant for ionic liquid research

Posted on Monday 13 July 2020

A £1.4m grant has been awarded by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) to support an international research network led by Dr John Slattery (University of York) and Professor Ken McKendrick (Heriot-Watt University), who will explore the surface structure and catalytic performance of ionic liquids.

Post lockdown traffic getting back to normal but air remains cleaner

Posted on Friday 10 July 2020

Air pollution is lower than expected in some of the UK’s towns and cities, despite a return to almost normal traffic levels, new research shows.

Chemistry pays tribute to David Wails

Posted on Thursday 25 June 2020

There is sadness in the Department of Chemistry this week at the news that one of the victims of the Reading terror attack is a former student.

University of York scientists receive prestigious awards

Posted on Tuesday 23 June 2020

Three scientists from the University of York’s Department of Chemistry have received prestigious Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) awards.

York is a major player in two new Marie Skłodowska-Curie Innovative Training Networks

Posted on Friday 19 June 2020

Two high-profile European-Commission-funded projects will bring four early career researchers to the Department of Chemistry, with York research groups collaborating with a wide range of institutions and industrial partners across Europe.

Department of Chemistry retains position in the UK top five

Posted on Tuesday 9 June 2020

In rankings released this week the Department continues to be among the UK's most highly regarded departments for the subject of Chemistry. The Department is ranked 5th in the UK in the Complete University Guide 2021.

Professor Paul Walton receives Vice-Chancellor’s Teaching Award

Posted on Monday 8 June 2020

The award, which recognises excellence in teaching and learning support, will be formally conferred later in the year at one of the 2020 graduation ceremonies.

Vitamin boost for green solvents

Posted on Thursday 28 May 2020

Naturally-occurring analogues of Vitamin C have been used to form deep eutectic solvents for the first time. These environmentally-friendly solvents may have applications as natural antifreezes or antibacterial agents.

Squeezing more than just orange juice: antimicrobial sustainable cellulose

Posted on Wednesday 6 May 2020

Researchers in Green Chemistry have developed antimicrobial applications for waste citrus peel, potentially enabling the greater use of this resource in a circular economy.

Compounds synthesised in York could provide clue in the hunt for new treatments against coronavirus

Posted on Tuesday 5 May 2020

Researchers at the University of York have synthesised compounds that can bind to one of the key proteins in the COVID-19 virus. The discovery could pave the way for new drug treatments to fight the virus.

Online chemistry course proves highly effective

Posted on Tuesday 5 May 2020

A free online course developed by the Department of Chemistry has been shown to have excellent educational outcomes, with positive student attitudes, high levels of learner engagement and a significant impact on students making the transition to university.

York's green chemists meet for World Earth Day 2020

Posted on Thursday 30 April 2020

Students and staff from the MSc Green Chemistry and Sustainable Industrial Technology course met virtually this month to mark Earth Day 2020.

Synthesis of an ‘impossible’ complex

Posted on Tuesday 28 April 2020

A research team from the Department of Chemistry has synthesised a fascinating new cobalt complex previously considered too reactive to make.

New insights into COVID-19

Posted on Monday 27 April 2020

Research from the Department of Chemistry in York is providing vital insights into the novel Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2, and may help underpin antibody tests and future therapies.

York Chemistry undergraduates publish world-leading research paper

Posted on Friday 24 April 2020

Work carried out by eight University of York Chemistry undergraduates results in a major publication in an international open access chemistry journal.

New study reveals York’s air quality improves by 30 per cent during lockdown

Posted on Friday 24 April 2020

York’s air quality has improved significantly during the coronavirus lockdown, according to research by a University of York academic.

Decorated gel bead 'doughnuts' with activity against drug-resistant bacteria

Posted on Thursday 16 April 2020

Core shell gel beads can be decorated with silver nanoparticles and show antimicrobial activity against drug-resistant bacteria.

York academic leads UK government effort to understand impact of air pollution changes during Covid-19 crisis

Posted on Wednesday 15 April 2020

A University of York academic is leading a national scientific advisory group calling for scientists and researchers to share their data on air pollution during the coronavirus pandemic.

York academics help uncover the oldest ever human genetic evidence

Posted on Wednesday 1 April 2020

Genetic information from an 800,000-year-old human fossil tooth has been retrieved for the first time.