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Mechanochemistry & porous liquids as new tools for sustainability

Monday 13 February 2023, 12.00PM to 13:00pm

Speaker(s): Stuart James, Queens University Belfast

Recent advances in the two main research themes, Mechanochemistry and Porous Liquids, will be presented. Mechanochemistry can be used to conduct synthesis using little or even no solvent. The development of continuous mechanochemical synthesis using Twin Screw Extrusion, for a variety of reactions and materials, as well as Life Cycle Assessments will be discussed. Porous liquids are a new type of fluid invented by us, which feature permanent microporosity in the liquid state. Because of their pores, these liquids can dissolve far more gas than can can conventional solvents. This can lead to more energy-efficient gas separation processes including carbon capture.

Location: C/A/101