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Measuring marine volatile organic compounds with a proton transfer reaction time-of-flight mass spectrometer

Tuesday 14 February 2023, 4.00PM to 5:00pm

Speaker(s): Caleb Mynard, Monash University, Melbourne

Caleb Mynard is a PhD candidate at Monash University and CSIRO Oceans & Atmosphere in Melbourne, Australia. As a member of the Aerosol and Reactive Gases Team at CSIRO Caleb works with atmospheric monitoring instrumentation used for ambient and marine environment observations. Caleb's PhD project focuses on measurements of marine volatile organic compounds (VOCs) with the Proton Transfer Reaction Mass Spectrometer (PTR-MS), to understand the contributions of VOCs to secondary organic aerosol formation in the pristine, marine environment. Caleb is specifically interested in targeting sparsely characterised marine VOCs (e.g. amines, halides, and organosulfur compounds) over the Southern Ocean and Antarctic region, including measurements at Kennaook/Cape Grim and on Southern Ocean voyages.

Location: C/C/111 WACL Meeting Room