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Early Career Seminar

Wednesday 19 January 2022, 1.00PM to 3.30pm

Speaker(s): Dr Fabrizio Ortu, University of Leicester, Dr Rhianne Lord, University of East Anglia and Dominikus Heift, Kingston University

Inorganic Early Career Seminar: 
Dr Fabrizio Ortu, University of Leicester
Adventures in Group 2 chemistry: ligand design, catalysis and low-oxidation state chemistry
Dr Rianne Lord, University of East Anglia 
Oxovanadium compounds for the treatment of cancer
Dr Dominikus Heift, Kingston University 
Dibismuthates as linking units for bis-zwitterions and coordination polymers
We have organised an Early Career themed seminar, sponsored by Dalton Transactions and featuring three newly appointed academics in inorganic chemistry. All of our speakers gained their lectureships within the last 5 years so are ideally placed to advise PhD students and PDRAs. The seminar will take place in C/A101 at 13.00-15.30 (break included!) and each speaker will be presenting a 30 minute talk on their work with time for questions after each talk. There will then be a Q&A session on publishing with Andrew Shore, Executive Editor of Dalton Transactions and our very own Andy Weller (Associate editor for Catalysis Science and Technology) primed to answer audience questions and dispel many myths surrounding the world of publishing. After the seminar, from 15.30-16.15, we would like to invite any students/PDRAs to come and have a chat to the speakers over coffee in C/A/102 or C/B/102. 
Covid 19 measures & guidance: 
The lecture will be a hybrid system with in-person and virtual attendance. Those attending in person are asked to wear masks unless exempt (speakers do not need to wear masks while presenting) and observe social distancing as much as possible. The door will be open slightly to create effective ventilation (as monitored by a CO2 sensor) and this can be a little chilly so please do bring a jumper/coat or something just in case.
Many thanks to Dalton Transactions for sponsoring this event. 

Location: C/A/101 (Zoom option available)