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After the pandemic: convalescent chemistry education

Wednesday 5 May 2021, 1.00PM to 2.00pm

Speaker(s): Prof. Simon Lancaster, UEA

Before Covid-19 struck, we had developed a Tailored Blended Learning approach to teaching a student cohort with a very diverse set of experiences. We will outline how the student learning journey, particularly the extent to which they were encouraged to engage with flipped materials, was directed by their personal experience. The role of infographics in framing the module expectations and better integrating the recommended text will be presented. We will discuss how quantitative and qualitative tools can be used to gain a picture of meaningful engagement with teaching. We will reflect on how our inherently blended module was changed by the pandemic and insights the experience has provided. Assuming the worst of the pandemic is behind us, what will survive the online backlash for campus institutions like our own? I will seek to show just how precious the shared experience of the lecture theatre is and how effectively we can utilise it. And to show glimpses of a technologically enabled learning experience that transcends our spaces to make the case for blended. We will of course we practising these very pedagogies. There will be a quiz!

Location: Virtual