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Organic plenaries

Friday 10 December 2021, 1.10PM to 4.00pm

Speaker(s): Various

Session 4: Chaired by Dr Will Unsworth

Ben Trowse (TF/PAOB) 13.10–13:35: 2,2,5,5-Tetramethyloxolane (TMO): A Green Solvent for Buchwald-Hartwig Aminations and Lithiation-Trapping Reactions of O- and N-Heterocycles

Katie Huxley (LIW/GJD) 13.35–14:00: Developing chemical probes to label ribitol-5-phosphate within cell surface glycans

Saikiran Ravi (PAC) 14.00–14:25: An enantioselective ‘Clip-Cycle’ approach to 3-spiropiperidines


BREAK 14.25–14.45


Session 5: Chaired by Prof Ian Fairlamb

Giordaina Hartley (PAOB) 14.45–15:10: Stereoselective α- and β-functionalisation of cyclic sulfoximines

Balazs Pogranyi (GJG/WPU/J. Cartwright) 15.10–15:35: Practical Applications of Unspecific Peroxygenases

Matthew Gill (PAOB) 15.35–16:00: New Routes to α-Arylated N-Boc Heterocycles

Closing remarks: Prof Ian Fairlamb


Location: C/A/101