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Inorganic plenaries

Thursday 9 December 2021, 12.00PM to 16.30

Speaker(s): Various

Session 1: Chaired by Dr Luke Wilkinson

Opening remarks: Dr Luke Wilkinson 12.00–12.10

James Race (ASW) 12.10–12:35: Understanding the chemical shift changes in anagostic interactions. Comparison of a series of bulkier, Rh-DPEphos-R pre-catalysts and their reactivity

Gayathri Athavan (IJSF/RNP) 12.35–13:00: Understanding the role of Ag(I) salts in the Pd-catalysed C–H functionalization of fluorinated aromatics


BREAK 13.00–14.00


Session 2: Chaired by Dr. John Slattery

Solomon Wrathall (NTH/AP) 14.00–14:25: Developing ultrafast pump-probe and two-dimensional infrared spectroscopy as tools for probing active site structural changes in [NiFe] hydrogenases

Peter Lindley (PHW/GJD/AP) 14.25–14:50: Exploring the use of azide as a superoxide mimic to study reactive oxygen species in LPMOs

Rosalind Booth (AKDK/KSW/GJG) 14.50–15:15: Developing the design of an artificial metalloenzyme for imine reduction


BREAK 15:15-15:30


Session 3: Chaired by Prof Anne-Kathrin Duhme-Klair

Alice Jane McEllin (DWB) 15.30–15:55: Liquid Crystalline and Photophysical Properties of Bis-Cyclometallated Gold(III) Complexes and Their Connection to Porphyrins

Jonathan Eastwood (JML/IJSF/C.Willans) 15.55–16:20: Shining Light on the Mechanisms in Manganese Catalysis

Closing remarks Prof Anne-Kathrin Duhme-Klair


Location: C/A/101