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CryoEm Facility Introduction

Thursday 29 April 2021, 11.00AM to 1.00pm

Speaker(s): Dr Jamie Blaza

CryoEM for card-carrying chemists: opportunities created by the York Glacios electron microscope
CryoEM has revolutionised the structural biology of many targets over the last ~8 years. However, modern cryogenic electron microscopes also have much to offer chemists working on problems beyond biological chemistry, for example by allowing the structural elucidation of nm-sized crystals using micro-electron diffraction (microED). The installation and commissioning of the new Glacios EM in the Eleanor Guy Dodson offers York Chemistry an excellent opportunity to explore these possibilities. This talk and discussion will cover the basics of transmission electron microscopy for the nonspecialist and explain some of the special elements in the York Glacios. We will then present possible applications such as microED (to be presented by YSBL's Huw Jenkins), adapting biological workflows for frozen gels/liquids, and how the different imaging modalities (TEM vs STEM) supports different types of experiments. 

Location: Virtual