Kathleen Mary Stott Prize Winners' Seminar and Year 2 PhD Poster Session

Wednesday 3 October 2018, 2.00PM to - 5.00pm

Speaker(s): Alexandra Males, Conor Rankine, Stuart Grange, Anna Zhenova, University of York

Programme of events: 

Anna Zhenova: "Developing green solvents for polymer applications"

Conor Rankine: "The Femtosecond Molecular Movie, starring 1,2-Dithiane"

Year 2 Poster Session in C/B/102 from 3.00-3.45pm. Tea and coffee will be served

Alexandra Males: "Structural studies of glycoside hydrolases to influence inhibitor design" 

Stuart Grange: "Extracting additional information from routine air quality data" 

Followed by a wine reception

Location: C/A101