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Summer Term Chemistry Graduate Research Seminars

Wednesday 1 June 2016, 4.00PM

Speaker(s): Conor Rankine, Edward Matthews, Ellis Wilde, George Platt

The Summer Term Chemistry Graduate Research Seminars take place on Wednesday, 1 June at 4PM in A101

This is a student led event, with a graduate research student from each year group presenting their work, offering opportunities for integration and networking across the department.


The following Chemistry PhD students will each give a 15 minute talk about their research:

· 16:00 - Introduction – Tamara Mielke

· 16:05 - Conor Rankine - Challenging the Non-Ergodicity of Internal Conversion in 1,2-Dithiane using Surface-Hopping Molecular Dynamics

· 16:20 - Edward Matthews - UV Spectroscopy as a Probe for Gaseous Structures: The Case of Protonated Nicotinamide

· 16:35 Ellis Wilde - Bacterial Iron Uptake: What can Periplasmic Binding Proteins Accommodate?

· 16:50 George Platt - Characterisation of Catalytic Intermediates Involved in Direct C-H Arylation Reaction of Fluoroarenes

Please come along to find out more about the research in the Department and to ask questions

Location: C/A101